November 30th, 2006 - by Golgotha

SEO guru and Google representative, Matt Cutts has put together some short videos in which he answers questions about search engine optimization.

Session 1 – Qualities of a good site
Session 2 – Some SEO Myths
Session 3 – Optimize for search engines or for users?
Session 4 – Static vs. Dynamic URLs
Session 5 – Site Structure
Session 6 – Supplemental Results
Session 7 – Webspam
Session 8 – Google Terminology
Session 9 – Datacenters
Session 10 – Lighting Round
Session 11 – Reinclusion requests
Session 12 – Tips for Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2006
Session 13 – Google Webmaster Tools

2 Responses to “SEO Videos by Matt Cutts”

1 mark

this is a test, only a test.

2 Peter T.

very cool, thanks!

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