January 5th, 2007 - by Golgotha

A mere eight years old, Google is approaching $10 billion in revenues, with growth over the past 12 months still at a torrid 77%. – BusinessWeek

One Response to “Google Still Going Up”

1 Barbara Gutz

Hi There,

I simply cannot believe how huge your company has grown within the last few years.

In the year of 2000 a prior client of mine asked me what search engines that our company submitted her site to. As I gave her the names of the search engines, Google having been one of them, she let out a huge giggle stating – Google, what kind of name is that? I then proceeded to inform her that Google was a fairly new search engine.

Now I’m sure that many people at one time have had that same chuckle, but I have an idea just how your name was formed. If it gave people a chuckle right down to their big toe, it just had to make them feel good, and it was also a name that one could not forget, am I right?

Have a great day.

Barbara Gutz

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