January 9th, 2007 - by Golgotha

Anyone who has spent time over at the hugely popular SitePoint forums learning CSS will know Paul O’B. Paul has logged over 16,000 post helping people to learn CSS.

When one sets out to learn CSS they quickly learn the names Jeffrey Zeldman, Dave Shea and Eric Meyer. While these three deservedly have made names for themselves by writing books, speaking at seminars and creating popular websites. Paul O’Brien has quietly helped thousands to learn CSS. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has spent more time in the trenches helping people write clean, cross-browser friendly CSS code.

So it is with great pleasure that I can introduce Paul as a new member of the Search-This team!

Enjoy Paul’s Bio below and look for many great post from him to come.

User Name: Paul O’B

  • childhood ambition: To grow up
  • fondest memory: Birth of my Children
  • favorite music: Jackson Browne, James Taylor, CSN&Y, Eagles, Beatles
  • retreat: None
  • proudest moment: Getting my Third Dan Black Belt in Karate
  • biggest challenge: Getting my Third Dan Black Belt in Karate
  • alarm clock: No
  • perfect day: Sun bathing on a nice warm beach
  • first job: Van driver for my fathers packaging business
  • indulgence: Chocolate
  • favorite movie: Blade Runner
  • inspiration: Bruce Lee

2 Responses to “Introducing Paul O’Brien – aka Paul O’B”

1 Ben Partch

Hey Paul

I knew you we’re into CSS but I did not know you we’re into Karate. Can’t wait to read your posts. Search-This added to my feed reader. 🙂

2 Mauricio Samy Silva

Hi Paul,
It is a great surprise and pleasure to know a bit about you, beyond web standars.
My best wishes in your “new job” here in Search-This.
Come to Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, we have ‘Sun bathing on a nice warm beach’ 365days/year 🙂

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