January 16th, 2007 - by Golgotha

Tab Effect

At first this Firefox extension might just seem like eye candy. However, after surfing at home with it for the last few days and then surfing at work without it. You really start to get attached to it. Give it a try for at least a week and see if you don’t become attached to it too.

Get it here: Tab Effect – Firefox Add-on

5 Responses to “Tab Effect – My Favorite New Firefox Extension”


My only minor complain is that it takes a few seconds longer to switch between tabs (not a good think when I’m frustrated or in a hurry, not that those few seconds are going to kill me). I do like the effect though!


2 Golgotha

That’s a good point Tomas, I guess for me, with two NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX graphics cards running in SLI mode I don’t wait at all. The transition is just quick and smoooooooth.


Oh man, sounds like you’ve got a monster computer on your hands!

4 Global Investor

I really like the tab effect. It makes interchanging between pages a lot easier.

What’s your opinion on some add-ons? I’ve found that Page Load Analyzer and Adsnese crashes Firefox 2.01

5 Golgotha

Hey Global Investor, I haven’t had any problems with add-ons. I use the follows add-ons: Web Developer toolbar, SEO links, and the Google toolbar.

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