January 22nd, 2007 - by ses5909

Something I think every blogger should do is introduce themselves; it gives the community a little more insight to you. Mark gave me a sweet introduction, but I wanted to share a little bit more and give you a preview of what you’re in store for with my posts.

I’m a programmer (PHP and C#), but am really average at best. You aren’t going to get some life-changing “aha” code examples from me. I do try hard and I’m always trying to learn better practices. I am a firm believer in knowledge is power and the more knowledge I have on a certain topic, say OOP in PHP for example, the better armed I am for battle! What I love about programming is solving problems and of course just the ability to make things happen. My favorite part of the lifecycle is the application and database design. So, there is a good chance you will see some examples of design documents from me.

I’m a blogger and am completely fascinated with how blogging and other forms of social media are changing the way businesses, well, do business. I have several places I blog at, both personally and professionally, so you may say I’m a bit of an addict. When Mark waved the needle in my face, it was hard to resist ;). You are likely to see me write about topics like this and I will try to illustrate how businesses can integrate blogging and social networking sites into their marketing plans.

I’m a business-woman. I am a partner in a Web development company, brainyminds. I started the business 4 years ago and we provide web development services to businesses and individuals. We were recently recognized as an Authorize.net Certified Developer, which is pretty cool as there are currently only 12 other companies who we share that title with. I may talk about working with clients, bidding on projects, and documentation.

I’m a life-long learner. A big reason I got into this field is because it will always be changing, providing me ample opportunity to continue learning. I may write reviews of industry-related books that I’m reading or share some great info that I have found that has helped me. I like to learn, but I also like to share what I’ve learned. From the search engine perspective, the most frequent terms that lead people to my personal site, ilovecode are error codes from people who have encountered an error in their code. I have posted examples of errors I have encountered and their solutions. It makes me happy if I can save other people of going through the frustration that I’ve encountered. I may share those here as well.

I’m a wannabe website publisher. This statement may be confusing as I already own websites that I’ve built, but what I really want to do is launch some websites that can earn decent recurring revenue. There are so many topics that I could talk about related to this field. SEO is something I am continually trying to improve on. I know the basics and I employ them, but there will ALWAYS be room for improvement. Ad networks is another area that could be discussed. I am a complete novice when it comes to making money from your websites using advertisements. I will talk in general about my experiences and also seek advice from you! There are several other topics that I will hit on too. I have a content website in the works currently so be prepared for me to talk about that, successes and failures both.

Hopefully that gives you a glimpse of what to expect from me. I look forward to starting a conversation with you.. after all, that is what blogging is about, the conversation. So, don’t be afraid to comment!

7 Responses to “Sara Smith (ses5909) steps up to bat”

1 Golgotha

No “life-changing “aha” code examples from you” – Come on!!!

If code is changing your life, you are one sick puppy. That’s right Matt, you heard me 🙂

“I’m a programmer (PHP and C#), but am really average at best…”

I’ve found that almost all developers are humble. Has anyone else noticed that? I think it must be because once you’ve been doing it awhile you realize there is just so MUCH stuff to learn that you can’t know it all. Ok, unless your name is Matt or Vinnie 🙂

Typically, most people have skills in a couple areas, but then lack knowledge in others – like you might know PHP and C#, but not know Ajax, or Flash or SEO, or .Net or CSS or MySQL or or or or…

AND now you see why there is a TEAM of Search-This authors and not just a single person. An army of one? My ars…

2 cpradio

Code doesn’t change my life, I write code that changes other peoples lives.

Some of the code I write on a daily basis changes the way approximately 1000 people do business. Likewise, code other people have written have definitely changed my life. There is no way I could be doing some of the work I do without some of the applications others have written.

Welcome to the team Sara.

3 Golgotha

“Code doesn’t change my life, I write code that changes other peoples lives.”

– that could be a new Microsoft campaign slogan.

4 cpradio

I wouldn’t know… I only use Windows at work, at home its 100% Linux baby! I have no need for Windows at home.

And our work philosophy is, “If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0”. 🙂

5 ses5909

Thanks for the welcome cpradio… now, can we bring this conversation back to where it should be? Me. thank you.

6 Golgotha

Oh my god Sara, you just made me spit out my coffee! and it was Starbucks!!!

really, that’s enough of me talking about me, why don’t you talk about me for awhile…spoken like a female 🙂

7 ses5909

You asked for it 😉

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