January 24th, 2007 - by Golgotha

And now, ladies and gentlemen introducing the hardest working man in code business, the one, the only Vinnie Garcia.

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Vinnie to the Search-This team. Sure, I had to put a gun to his head, but that’s the Italian way of doing things.

You may work hard, but no one works harder than Vinnie Garcia. The man is approaching the 20,000 post mark over at the SitePoint forums! And it shows, there’s not too many areas in the web world that Vinnie hasn’t at least dabbled in. So when Vinnie speaks, you’re gonna wanna listen.

Enjoy Vinnie’s bio below:

User Name: vinnie

  • childhood ambition: becoming a cartoonist
  • fondest memory: not sure
  • favorite music: anything with a good beat; mostly rock, electronic, and hip-hop
  • retreat: the beach or my headphones
  • proudest moment: getting married
  • biggest challenge: being married 😉
  • alarm clock: don’t use one, I tend to wake up early anyway
  • perfect day: sitting by the pool doing nothing at all
  • first job: warehouse assistant for a medical supply company
  • indulgence: kickball
  • favorite movie: lots of them, most recently: Borat
  • inspiration: art, nature, architecture, and most importantly loved ones

One Response to “Introducing Vinnie Garcia – aka vinnie”

1 Vinnie here

[…] My name’s Vinnie Garcia, and Mark already introduced me in an earlier post (thanks for all the praise Mark!). When I was first asked to write for Search-This, I had to think about it. I hadn’t written about anything web development related in a long time, but I did miss it, so I had to sign up. […]

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