January 31st, 2007 - by Golgotha

Search-This welcomes Dan Schulz to the team!

Dan is another SitePoint catch and a good one. He draws from a wide area of web expertize, but his passions run deep for CSS, XHTML, usability and standards compliant code.

One thing is for sure, with the Search-This team we have assembled, you won’t find any crappy code here.

Enjoy Dan’s bio below:

User Name: Dan Schulz

  • childhood ambition: to get out of the house
  • fondest memory: meeting my best friend 🙂
  • favorite music: whatever sounds good. Usually classical, rock, alternative-rock. I don’t listen to rap. Record company executives took the “C” off of a certain word to make it marketable.
  • retreat: nature
  • proudest moment: two of them, getting out on my own, and becoming self-employed
  • biggest challenge: staying self-employed
  • alarm clock: I have a biological clock (and a 27-hour sleep schedule)
  • perfect day: every day I wake up
  • first job: bagger at the local Jewel-Osco
  • indulgence: sports, reading, table-top warfare gaming, computer games, being with friends
  • favorite movie: no favorite movie – there’s too many I like
  • inspiration: too many to list here

4 Responses to “Introducing Dan Schulz”

1 Golgotha

Hey Dan, what are ‘table-top warfare games’? That sounds like fun!

2 cpradio

Tell me about it, all I can think of is Risk.

3 Dan Schulz

Games like Warhammer 40K (yuk), CAV, Talon Games and BattleTech. You go to a gaming store, purchase some miniatures (usually lead-free pewter), assemble your own army, and go beat the living daylights out of your friends with it before they can return the favor. The only one I play is BattleTech (usually once a month at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, Illinois). And yes, the MechWarrior PC games are based on BattleTech :).

4 Golgotha

Any game where you “beat the living daylights out of your friends” sounds good to me. I’m all in 🙂

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