February 21st, 2007 - by ses5909

When you work for a company, quite often you can convince your boss to send you to the awesome tech conference that is being held in your area, but what about when you work for yourself? You are a small or even a one-man shop. Do you spend the $500-$2000 to go to a conference JUST to network? We’ve all been to those conferences and typically, that is what you get out of it the most; contacts. But do you ever learn anything that can really help your business and increase your income? I haven’t. Enter the Elite retreat.

When I first heard about this retreat last November, I was intrigued. The press was good and bad and people wondered how it would go. The first “retreat” occurred in December and the attendees came out of it very pleased. The next retreat will be held in March with Guy Kawasaki as the keynote. I would love to be there. This retreat is aimed at site owners and webmasters.

Here is what makes the Elite Retreat different from the other conferences. Basically you have a panel of 6 experts and for 2 days; they are yours. The price tag may be steep to some at $5k a ticket, but to have access to these successful minds for 2 days would be worth it. The experts are: Lee Dodd (Social Networking), Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker (SEM), Aaron Wall (SEO), Darren Rowse (Blogging), Kris Jones (Online Media), and Neil Patel (Marketing). They do have an agenda set forth, but the idea is you get access to these six very successful minds and they help you with your sites. They find out what your goals are and they give you ideas that help to achieve them.

So, how do I justify spending $5000? Well, right now I don’t because I don’t have $5k. Maybe later this year though. Here are the things I would weigh: 1) do my sites have the potential to recoup my investment with the right direction? and 2) Will I have the time after the retreat to take all of the advice and everything I’ve learned and put it into place. It’s that simple to me. Right now, I don’t believe my current network of sites could recoup that investment within a reasonable timeframe, but I am working on other sites that may just do that.

Would you attend something like this?

4 Responses to “Elite Retreat – Is It Worth the Money”

1 Chris

Wow, that is a lot of money for a conference. I was going to go to SXSW but it’s two weeks away, and I don’t have the time. But I was apprehensive about it mostly because of the time away, not the money. A few thousand bucks for a good networking session would be highly worth it. The time away is what is hard.

I have to agree with you though, those are some great names. You could probably learn something.

I also think about what I could do with that time and money. You could take 2 days off, hire a few people for a few weeks of work and kick out a great new web site.

2 Golgotha

Those are some top-notch guys, I would love to drink some pints with them and shoot the shit, but 5k is out of my league.

3 Josh

I don’t know much about the Elite Retreat (other than that some quality people are involved) but Guy Kawasaki is an excellent speaker. He often posts videos of his speaking engagements or panels he runs or was a part of on his blog–don’t miss them. If you can see him live… jump at it. 🙂

4 raymond

most of the blogs that i have read regarding the Elite Retreat is saying that it is worth the money. and i think it is true.

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