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PaperVision3D Taking Flash to New Levels

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Check out the 3D Bumpmapped objects demo – I have never seen this kind of realtime 3D in Flash before. Wowzers!

[ more PaperVision3D demos ]

How To Write A Better Blog

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Blogging may not be the same as giving a speech, but the fundamentals remain. You still have an audience you’re trying to reach and therefore should follow the age old principles.

In this article we look at tried and true principles of public speaking and apply them to blog writing.


CSS Liquid Round Corners

Monday, February 12th, 2007

There are many techniques available to give your square boxes that nice rounded look but I thought I’d concentrate this article on the basic techniques used to create this box.

We won’t be doing anything new or clever – just basic construction techniques that will produce a re-usable round box that you can then optimize and re-develop at your leisure. The first thing you need to know is that until css3 is fully supported then the only realistic way to do this at present is to use images.

When you’re done with this article you will have a re-usable, cross-browser supported, semantically correct, liquid round box! Sound like fun? Let’s begin!


Links for the Weekend, 2-10-2007

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Automate Your Workday: Identifying Potential Opportunities

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

In my first post on Search-This, I said I was going to write about how to improve your productivity on the job. Here's the first post in that series.

I'm a big believer in automation, as are most programmers (even if they don't know it). Some people are afraid of automation, citing concerns such as “what if it goes wrong?” or “will my entire job be replaced if I go too far with automation?”. My answers to the following are:


View All Email Account Passwords in Plesk

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

On my server, I have several domains and I have corresponding email addresses for a few of them, for example: ses5909@mydomain.com, ses5909@anotherdomain.com, etc. I have come to find that in Plesk if I have a domain that has an email user named ses5909 and I need to make the same username on another domain, they are not allowed to share the same domain. So if I give ses5909@mydomain.com the password: supersneakypw, I cannot give that password to ses5909@anotherdomain, or anyone else that has the same username. This is pretty lame if you ask me. The reason for this is that mail is not handled on the domain level, but rather the username level. That is a whole other issue though.

Well today I needed to get into my mail and I wasn’t at the computer that I run my mail client on so I went to my webmail account. I couldn’t remember the password for the life of me. I tried a few that I commonly use, but no luck. So, I needed to try to find my password. I could have reset it, but I’ve resorted to this in the past and I am just tired of doing that. I needed to find a way to retrieve my password.

So, I logged into mysql as the root admin. I looked through the databases and noticed there was a psa db which I am assuming stands for Plesk Server Administration. I immediately looked for email and finally saw mail. I saw all of the usernames and a quick join with the domains table showed me which column belonged to which domain.

SELECT mail.mail_name, domains.name from mail LEFT OUTER JOIN domains ON domains.id = mail.dom_id;

But, now I needed to find the passwords for these. After some more hunting, I found the accounts table where passwords are stored in plain text. If only I didn’t have 200 to look through. So a query was in order:

SELECT accounts.id, mail.mail_name, accounts.password, domains.name FROM domains LEFT JOIN mail ON domains.id = mail.dom_id LEFT JOIN accounts ON mail.account_id = accounts.id

Problem solved 🙂

Introducing Louis Simpson – aka louissimps

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Search-This welcomes Louis Simpson to the team!

Often times when you belong to a forum you start stalking certain people. Every time the person you are stalking post and you notice it, you go read what they have to say because you know it’s going to be good. Well, Louie was the first person I ever stalked 🙂

So when I was putting together the Search-This team I knew that I had to get him on board, it makes it easier to stalk him that way! We’re glad to have you on the team Louie.

Enjoy Louie’s bio below:

User Name: louissimps

  • childhood ambition: marry a rich woman
  • fondest memory: going to my grandpa’s ranch
  • favorite music: a little something from every genre
  • retreat: the ocean
  • proudest moment: the path I have lead so far
  • biggest challenge: not going to college
  • alarm clock: 6:50(snooze until 7:45)
  • perfect day: coffee, surfing, lunch with my wife, afternoon nap, head to my favorite bar
  • first job: busboy at a banquet hall
  • indulgence: Belgian Ale
  • favorite movie: too many to name, Super Troopers, Napolean Dynamite, Platoon
  • inspiration: accomplishment
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