March 17th, 2007 - by Golgotha

6 Responses to “Links for the Weekend, 3-17-2007”

1 Brendon Kozlowski

I’ve tried Clickheat before, but it was v0.07. I just tried it again (as it’s now v0.10) and still am having the same problem. Using Firebug, I’ve found that, at the very least, the JavaScript file expects ClickHeat to be in the default, suggested installation path with a default directory (DOC_ROOT/clickheat/…). I don’t feel like playing with it much more to see where else it doesn’t like non-defaults.

Those titanium rings look pretty cool. Has anyone bought one of these to verify the quality (or from this business in general)? 😉 I’m really diggin’ the single silver stripe inlay.

2 Golgotha

Hey Brendon, thanks for the feedback on Clickheat.

I know the guy the runs Luxurien, he is the top titanium ring seller on the web. So yeah, his stuff is good and his prices are great.

3 Dan Schulz

Took a look at the first link. That guy really needs to learn how to block comment spam. Talk about a hit to one’s street cred.

Also, some of the content on the site referenced on the page featured in the “Licking the Competition” link may not be safe for work (or in the presence of children) so be careful.


The sliding DIVs tutorial is cool, but too bad it has it’s limitations. I followed one of the comments to jquery and would probably use their solution instead.

5 Golgotha

Hey Tomas, I heard a rumor that WordPress is going to use jQuery in its next version. Should be cool.


Hey, that’s cool to hear! I know there’s a jquery plugin for WP, but the rest of the coding is by hand. I also recall that that K2 took WP to another level, yet I was too lazy to skin the theme (then again, I opted to do everything under the sun to try and give my blog the functionality of K2). 🙂 Now you’ve got me anticipating the next version of WP!

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