March 20th, 2007 - by Golgotha

How many blogs do you read each day?

How many comments do you leave each day?

17 Responses to “Question – How Many Blogs Do You Read Daily?”


I currently have 44 blogs in my feed reader and on average there are about 10 new posts a day… so I guess I read 10 blogs a day?

I usually leave comments on 50% of the sites (btw, there’s this service called Commentful that helps you track post comments – I’m thinking of giving it a try).


FYI, I just signed up with the service and they have this great Firefox plugin that notifies you whenever a post you’re following receives a new comment (the service checks for new comments every 10 minutes), I highly recommend it.

3 Colbs

Read about 4 or 5 a day.

Comment about 3 or 4 depends on how heavy the day is.

Tracking posts is great! Chrisg has them on his site. It is cool getting auto updates when you are wondering if someone had something to say about…

I will have to check commentful

4 Golgotha

Sounds cool, I will have to give it a test drive.

5 Brendan Monaghan

My job requires that I stay very current on all things web, media, technology, etc. That coupled with my interest in blogging and Pittsburgh Sports teams, puts me at about 75 blogs.

Granted I don’t read all extensively, but that’s the beauty of a feedreader right? I can scan the posts and see what appeals to me.

My goal every day is to pretty much have cleaned out my feedreader so I can start the day fresh….

6 Golgotha

Holy crap Brendan! 75 blogs! You are a serious junky. I thought I had it bad, but next to you I look good. 🙂

Well at least Search-This is one of your 75 read blogs; nothing like feeling special…

7 Karinne

I have only 20 in my reader … and I rarely reply 😉 So … this is one rare occasion *lol*

I’ve just recently found this site … love the content! Keep the articles coming! 🙂

8 Golgotha

Cool Karinne, thanks for breaking out and commenting then! And we shall keep the articles coming, fear not…

9 ses5909

I have about 20 in my reader right now but I don’t read them every day. I used to have about 100 and I recently went through them and deleted the ones that I really don’t read.

10 Sachman Bhatti

I’ve been curious about how many feeds I’m subscribed to so I finally counted on your inspiration. 137. I try and delete them when I don’t like them but I’m an information hoar I suppose. I read them on a daily basis ( a few of them I check 3 times a day because the update frequently) . I use Sage.

I think this is a real problem 🙂

11 Sachman Bhatti

Oh and I do click every single item on the feed lists — it takes approximately three hours to go through all the content (but I do not read articles that I don’t consider of value and if a blogger is talking about themselves or something I’ll just ignore it). For example if I saw my comments as a post, I’d ignore all of it entirely. I’d read statistics about usage though.

12 Golgotha

Hello Sachman, 137 feeds! That’s incredible and that you read them all – makes me feel like a slacker.

Thanks for including Search-This in your reader.


13 Jelena

I have 74 feeds tracking through Bloglines. Some of those feeds are not real blogs, so at the end, I track around 60-65 blogs. However, I only comment on my friends’ blogs with an exception when I find really interesting post worth commenting 🙂

14 Golgotha

Hey Jelena, thanks for stopping by, we love SitePointers here.

60 to 65 blogs daily is still a huge number. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to comment here at Search-This more often.

BTW, you might have one of the best names for a blog that I have seen yet!

15 Jelena

Aww, thank you :blush:

I’m sure I’ll stay for a while here 🙂

16 Nelu

I have around 70 blogs in my reader, but I only monitor some categories. Do not comment a lot, though… And I started using to monitor what other people read and why.

17 John Lombaerde

I guess that depends on how you define reading a blog. Google desktop ships by default with Dell computers. If you use it, and add RSS feeds, many of them are blogs.

I think there are many people who may subscribe to RSS feeds and blogs in this way and not even know it.

Also, you can make a WordPress page look like a web site, and not even know you are visiting a blog.

Anyone who has an RSS reader is probably subscribed to dozens of blogs, so people with readers probably skew the curve.

I probably have at least a hundred feeds in my reader. Do I read them all everyday ? No definitely not. Some of them I rarely read at all, others I read several times a week.

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