March 24th, 2007 - by Golgotha


info/”>Ajax Loading gif Generator – i have already used this a few times

  • wikimedia

    org/wiki/Commons:Picture_of_the_Year/2006″>Wikimedia Chooses Picture of the Year – splendid

  • taylor

    se/blog/2007/03/22/top-ten-things-ten-years-of-professional-software-development-has-taught-me/”>Top Ten Things Ten Years of Professional Software Development Has Taught Me – spot on

  • 5 Responses to “Links for the Weekend, 3-24-2007”

    1 TOMAS

    The CSS+Java menu looks great! That guys website is pretty sweet too.

    2 Frenzie

    Nice list of links.

    3 Golgotha

    Thanks Frenzie, we have new ones every weekend!

    4 tech

    thanks for baby name wizard

    5 Golgotha

    @tech: I loved that baby name wizard too. Comes in real handy.

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