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Random Bits Podcast with Rand Fishkin

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Random Bits

Episode 1 – 4/30/2007

Guest: Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz.org

Background: Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing

Total Time: 21 minutes

In this, our inaugural podcast, we talk with Rand Fishkin – Search Engine Optimization specialist for SEOmoz.org. Rand gives some optimization advice to help you optimize your website. He also explains the new Premium Membership that SEOmoz.org now offers and finishes with a few personal questions! Who knew that Rand Fishkin would be iPod-less!

This being our first podcast we did have some technical glitches. The volume on my phone is a bit low at times, so click the webPod wheel on the right and turn it up!

Podcast Highlights

  • 00:30 – Hear Rand’s thoughts on reporting paid links to Google
  • 04:18 – Rand tells us his opinion on .gov and .edu links
  • 07:20 – When optimizing, is what’s good for one good for all?
  • 10:21 – Rand gives us some pointers on how to optimize
  • 12:14 – Rand tells us some of his favorite keyword tools
  • 18:32 – Get to know Rand a little bit better

Play the podcast right now! Notice the Random Bits podcast on the right? Just click the Rand Fishkin link and it will start playing. It might take a few seconds to stream-in…

Links for the Weekend, 4-28-2007

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Introducing Random Bits Podcast

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

We at Search-This.com are excited to bring you Random Bits, a podcast that will share with you the personalities behind the web.

The Random Bits podcast will feature conversations with some of the biggest names in the wide world of web.

Our goal with the podcast is to discuss hot topics with each guest in their specific field as well as Random Bits of more personal questions allowing the audience a closer look at their personalities! Random Bits will be hosted by our very own Sara Smith so it’s sure to be fun and informative.

Here is what we need from you!

  • Tell us who you would like to have interviewed!
  • If you have any other ideas for the podcast, please share.

We will try to keep each podcast between 15 and 20 minutes so you can listen to them while reading your email or checking your feeds!

Are you excited?! I hope so – but don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too much longer. In fact, next week will be our inaugural podcast with none other than Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz.org! Rand was a very brave man for agreeing to be our first guest and we want to thank him for it. Thanks Rand!

So check back Monday for the very first episode of Random Bits!

Get Your Blog out of the Supplemental Index

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Chris Garrett has a good post about Google’s supplemental index and how to pull your blog out of it.

[ digg it ]

Search-This currently has 159 pages in the supplemental index.

Additional reading on Google’s Supplemental Index:

Optimize Your CSS with Multi-Class Elements

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Anyone who has worked with CSS for website design will realize what an art it really is. There’s almost always half-a-dozen different ways to achieve the same result. It’s the skilled CSS artist that will be able to achieve the optimum result with the least amount of code, while also keeping the code well-modularized, easing future maintenance.

This article will teach you the technique of using space separated classes thereby allowing you to be a better CSS artist. To show off this technique we will first style and then swap around four floated columns without breaking a sweat.


How to Promote Your Blog

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

The question has been asked more times then I care to count: How do I promote my blog?

My answer: One post at a time

It’s not sexy, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not a secret URL that you submit to and the rest is done for you. I’m sorry – I have no secrets for you – I wish that I did. The only way that I know how to make your blog a success is one post at a time. I will say that I think there’s more to this answer than meets the eye. The answer actually consists of two parts that’s what we’ll look at in this article.


Links for the Weekend, 4-21-2007

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
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