April 23rd, 2007 - by Golgotha

The question has been asked more times then I care to count: How do I promote my blog?

My answer: One post at a time

It’s not sexy, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not a secret URL that you submit to and the rest is done for you. I’m sorry – I have no secrets for you – I wish that I did. The only way that I know how to make your blog a success is one post at a time. I will say that I think there’s more to this answer than meets the eye. The answer actually consists of two parts that’s what we’ll look at in this article.

Part 1. – Content Is King, Really?

Give people what they want and do it consistently. You do that and people will visit you and continue to visit you.

When the “How do I promote my blog” question is asked in forums it usually doesn’t take long for someone to reply with, “Content is king.” Really? Is content king? All websites have content – even the dancing hamsters is content. I would submit to you that giving people what they want is truly king. If that be content, then have relevant content. If it’s driving directions, then give good directions. If it’s discount prices on jewelry, then have quality jewelry at low prices. If it’s nude pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt then she best not be wearing clothes. And if people want to see dancing hamsters, then give it to them – give the people what they want.

There’s a reason your visitors came to your site. Are you fulfilling their expectations? If people visit your blog one day and you’re talking about PHP coding techniques but the next time they visit your blog you are reviewing the movie you saw over the weekend, you may find yourself having a hard time building a steady core of followers.

It’s not that you can’t do that with your blog; you can. That’s exactly what I do with my personal blog. I blog about anything I feel like blogging about: movies, music, Jennifer Love Hewitt, whatever. The problem is that blogs like that have no niche to fill. With no niche you have no target audience. That’s ok, if you don’t want expansive audience.

Give people what they want and do it consistently. Being a one-hit-wonder in a band or in blogging is not a good thing. I take that back, being a one-hit-wonder in a band can still make you millions these days, but in blogging it’s no good. Try and have quality content on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be daily, just on a regular basis. You may decide to post once a week or twice a week, whatever, just be consistent. If you post three times a week for a month then that’s what your audience will come to expect.

I would encourage you to post quality over quantity. Don’t post just for the sake of posting. If everybody else has covered the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone then you may want to let it go. Ask yourself, “What can I bring to the table?” If you can take an angle that you feel hasn’t been covered then by all means, continue, but if you are just going to post a “me too” post, skip it.

Give people what they want and do it consistently. You do that and people will visit you and continue to visit you.

Part 2. One Post at a Time…

It also needs to be said that if you are going to comment for the sole purpose of trying to appease the search engines, you can skip it.

One post at a time! I never said that the post had to be on your own blog! Get out there and visit other people’s blogs. Be friendly and comment. I visit about half a dozen blogs a day, I usually comment about four times a day. Again, don’t just post for the sake of posting, have something to say.

If you’re just going to post something like, “Hello, nice blog, please visit my blog”, then skip it. Try and contribute something to the conversation at hand. If you can’t do that, then maybe you should not be in the business of blogging.

Also, commenting on other blogs is a great way to sharpen your blogging tongue. I often find myself returning to my own blog spurred on by something I read on another blog. I will often comment and then expand upon my comment back in a new post on my own blog.

It also needs to be said that if you are going to comment for the sole purpose of trying to appease the search engines, you can skip it. Most blogs add the no-follow tag to links there by neutralizing the value of the link to the search engines. So once again, bring something to the table.

There’s no quick fix for promoting your blog. It takes work, good old fashioned blue-collar work. If you like your blog’s topic enough then there’s a good chance you won’t mind putting in the time and it won’t feel like work at all. Making a successful blog starts with one post at a time.

261 Responses to “How to Promote Your Blog”

1 Nick Lindwall (Coolbox)

Nice post thanks, good to hear someone saying there’s no quick and easy way to do it. As we’re learning!

2 Rashmi Talwar

Your suggestions are simplicistic yet meaningful.

3 Russ Wood

Thanks to the advice, Golgotha.

I would like to know a bit more about how you get your site out there from scratch. I mean, you may have the best content in the world, but if no one knows your there, how will they find it?

What I’m asking is, how do you go from 0 readers, to 50 readers. That very first stage of getting noticed.

Russ Wood – http://www.woods-world.com

4 Ziv

#2 point is vey effective.
I have a good experience that when commenting is for a good purpose, you get visitors to your own blogs.
So, commenting is a perfect way to get links and introducing your blog to the community.

5 Cara Mempromosikan Blog

Good article. I’ve already practiced that myself and it has brought some additional visitors. More tips : use a name that will attract people to click your blog URL. Thanks.

6 Fatman Slimming

Good Article. I read a lot of blogs and their comments but rarely post when I should. And because of what I read I decide to Blog. Thank you, I’ll get out there and play.

7 PrettyMePink

I agree with your posting so much. I remember when i first started out and like most other people just wanted to make a quick buck and started writing about something i didnt even enjoy (Phones), spent many hours and days at the computer trying to force myself to write interesting posts. But to be honest if this sounds familiar, dont do it because the juice will run out sooner or later because of lack of passion.

As stated, pick a topic you genuinely enjoy then go from there, because you wont mind putting in the hours to make it a success!

(from Pretty Me Pink

8 Nathan

Thanks for this post. As I am just starting out blogging… I can use all the help I can get. I really found your post interesting but what I found even more important is the respect you give to all the readers. I noticed you try very hard to respond to everyone’s comments. I would think that too is also a great way to keep a reader reading your blog.

I just bookmarked this site and will be back often. Thanks for the information.


9 anu

Agree! i have started to write a blog about makeup and indian dresses and actually enjoy it and dont mind spending the whole day in front of my computer writing about it! but if i was writing about something i didnt enjoy probably wouldnt be happy.

10 Acquilles

I like your article but I think you talk about what is a blog rather than how to promote a blog. I was expecting some tips from a gr8 blogger like yourself and to tell u the truth , me still very young to comment but I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

11 sandrar

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

12 Mongi Gazelle

This is a nice reading I found when looking for ways to promote my blog. I definitely think that content is important as this is the information the visitor or the reader is looking for but there are other importnat aspects, like nice designed blog for easy and relaxed reading, like the navigation of the blog and having you a reader needs at his finger tip. I would say:
1. Quality content
2. Easy and nice design
3. Consistency

13 mytheory

nice info, but at first time, i thought you would talk about SEO stuffs, i think organic traffic is the beginning of our visitors cycle. Without organic traffic, who will read our Content?

14 BloggerDude

I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

A definite great read….

15 joseph

what’s the use of having lots of backlinks but your blog is empty???

16 Julia

I read a lot pf blogs every day. And so of the m inspired so much that I return to my blogworld with something in mind. That really help. SO I agree that you don’t need just to stay in one place – be like a traveler 🙂

17 nimrod243

Hello, thank you for the post. I am beginning to realize that making consistent posts is definitely the way to get and keep readers. I have seen a little spike in page impressions and revenue since I have began to do so. My blog is about hunting and fishing and I really enjoy writing about my experiences and posting photos, etc., so I am sure I will never get tired of it.

Thanks again!

18 Darni

Hehe,actually this is my first comment on other blog.I think you have given very sharp ideas on how to promote a blog.And I can’t agree you more.I’m a new blogger and I have blogged less than a month.I’m trying to write good content and post one article a day as I can.Again,your articles is very good.I have bookmarked your site

19 Carl Armes

I have only recently started blogging, blogging on my main website and on worpress, its great to read good advice that gives new bloggers reassurance in what they need to do to get visits, focus on a subject, be regular on blogging and place constructive statements on other peoples blog sites, thank you.

20 Roldan Quill

A good post Mark. Really honest and straightforward. Been looking for an answer like this, because it’s always the same damn thing in others, almost like there was a secret path of blogging to success. But now i know, and i know my traffic is slow, meaning my contents were not at the top auction, right? Nah!

21 Lynn - http://bestwrinkletreatment.blogspot.com

Great artical. I fully agree that quality is more important than quatity. But I think it is very important to get notice. How do you get people to notice your blog in the first stage.

22 Jakk Ogden from Technology Blogged

Well my blog is new (ish). 2 days ago I converted from Blogger to WordPress and got a real domain name.

There are a few things you can do to promote your blog depending on the campaign you undertake.

As you say commenting is a good way to build rapport and not just that but in cases back links 🙂 but again like you say you should be focusing on your comment content over back links as nobody will approve ‘Make Money Online’ who comments saying ‘nice post’.

I use Twitter and am gaining a slow and steady following (22 followers so far) and it does bring some traffic to my site.

Other ways are plug ins which actively bookmark every post you make immediately to the likes of delicious.com, Diigo and also Twitter and so traffic can be generated.

I am lucky in the sense that I already had ‘some content’ to move over from blogger but yeah i’d say having content is king for both search engine optimisaion (if you want you blog in the search engines) and general user interest.

Thanks for this, I tolo am seeking a definate answer as to whether content is king.



23 Harsh Jha

Finally found what I was looking for. Thanks for the info.

24 Technology Blogged

Hey again,

On top of my above comment I also recommend guest posts on other blogs of your interest.

Generally, if you were to send a complimentory and flattering e-mail to a fellow blogger, they will be intrigued by you and want to find out more.

Ask if they would like to do a guest post on your blog, and chances are they may ask you to do one in return.

It allows you to build relationships, and also gives you a break as you can have a day off writing content.

It will also give you back links and click through traffic, of which if your blog is of the same category the readership should be valuable.



25 Web Design Peterborough

It would be good to see an updated article here!

26 blogging and promoting

Though the article began with “It’s not sexy, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not a secret URL that you submit to and the rest is done for you. I’m sorry – I have no secrets for you – I wish that I did.” whatever you wrote, I am sure everybody will agree, is more than sexy; though not quick fix but its permanent fix and this was the closest possible expression of reality. Thanks a lot for this great work.

27 Lowongan Kerja Terbaru

Nice post.
However can you explain more detail regarding Black Hat SEO – so we won’t jump into sand box Google.

28 Kevin

I really see some nice tips and tricks here, but what I really wonder about is to what extension blog carnivals are still a valid addition..

29 laura

Part 2 is very important because if you leave really genuine post, people perceive you as nice, there is nothing that I hate more when people leave comments in my blog like “nice blog”

30 Robinsh

I also believes in posting one post at a time that not only gives you some time for other promotinal works but it will give the time to your readers for some ting else on your place.

31 ebed_adonai

Like you said brother, it’s all about participating in someone else’s blog. But the real hassle (imho) is finding blogs of the same/similar focus of interest (politics, arts, technology, etc).

32 Subodh Raghav

The moral of the story is that there is no shortcut to success.I read your thoughts i found them brainstorming.Keep it on

33 Glenn

Great information, thanks. Now to put in the hard yards..

34 John

Thanks for this article. Now I understand the best way how I will promote my blog.

35 movies nfo

I am a beginner into blogging world, and really thought it was that easy to build your own site, but i was wrong. Yes, your right, its not just like blink of an eye. So far, I find it too difficult but enjoyable at the same time. Thanks for the great help giving this post.

36 Techs24x7.com

Part 2 is the important section of this article. Blogs are really unique post then peoples will leave the nice comments on that.

37 Jonathan

Wow. Before reading this post I was just posting homepage links anywhere and every where possible. After reading this, I will emphasize my hardwork in Promoting every post individually. Great article.

38 Faheem

Help others what they want! always work. There are no exact principles how to drive traffic to your blog site. But rich content that appeals to the audience..surely do. It does not matter what you are saying, all that matters is what people want to know and go wow..great work.

39 Karla Campos Lopez

Commenting on blogs will definitely get your site more exposure, especially if your comment is of quality. Another form of getting your blog noticed is to guest post on another person’s blog or site. By writing a quality article on another person’s site or blog you will get a Dofollow link to your site.

40 Top Twenty Lists

Great post…especially the point about commenting. I myself comment on a number of blogs but the no-follow/do-follow thing was very useful.

41 Talkative

How true it is. The content is king. And no other shortcut can replace content for promoting the blog.

But the content should be interesting and useful for your target visitors, else though the initial traffic would be there, but gradually, it would fizzle out due to lack of interesting and authentic content.

42 Joe

Content is king. But the king alone cannot survive without its knights and shining armor. Good marketing strategy, good promotion is needed for the content to get appreciated.

Thanks for the article.

Joe, Varietlogy

43 Tinks

I was searching online how could I promote your site and I landed to this article.
This is really very helpful. I like what you said about “It’s not that you can’t do that with your blog; you can” that is really a real spirit.
I think if you love what you do you will enjoy it and will constantly do it. 🙂
I am still new in blogging so I am trying to learn.. thank you for the article. It helps!

44 Megan

I always thought of the phrase “content is king” as referring to the importance of well thought out/written content, and the importance of keeping content fresh so that you give your readers a reason to keep coming back. Since it’s “king” it’s important to give it the attention it deserves.

45 Jenni

Very well said. This is what we call niche. The more narrowed down topic is, the more visitors you will attract. Excellent points made in such a short and well summarised post.

46 Brandon

Very informative article! I’ve been checking out the various methods of blog promotion lately and have found that most tend to promote through pinging and the like. But you at least say what needs to be said: if you write something worth reading people will come to read it…eventually.

47 Mahesh

I understand that having varied content kind of dilutes the blog value. But catering to a niche audience narrows down number of visitors as well especially if the topic selected is competitive. Would it rather make sense to categorise the content well and write about everything you like, without limiting to a category?

48 Marty

“One blog at a time”
I agree with this. I originally started blogging on the now defunct Yahoo 360 platform. Slowly and steadily I built a following. My primary reason for writing at that time was to practice journal writing as part of counselling training.
I found myself reading the blogs of other people that I found interesting. In fact, sometimes my reply comments were a mini blog of their own. This worked because the return “friend” and “follower” requests were mutual.

Eventually, after a few months, I became a featured blogger on Yahoo 360. I made many online friends from around the world, some of whom I’m still in contact with now.

Sadly, Yahoo pulled 360, made worse by months of rumours that were not correctly addressed and the unique community we created was lost. This de-motivated me to some extent and I fell out of love with writing online for some time. I’m missed the community and the familiarity with the application (along with all its bugs and faults!).

So….. I’ve begun again recently with renewed enthusiasm and a new perspective on what I choose to write about.

As you stated, slowly and one blog at time, I believe I’m beginning to find a new following. It will take time. Perhaps I’ll build a new community to link with as before. Who knows?

Sound advice on here.

Thank you


49 Dave

This is one of the most honest pieces of advice that i’ve come across so far for blog promotion. You’ve told it exactly as it is. I’ve tried loads of methods so far and they haven’t made a great deal of difference other than wasting my time which I could have spent writing new content.

50 Maya

thanx bro. I will do that. I hope that my new blog have many visitor from this steps. Thanx

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