April 26th, 2007 - by ses5909

We at Search-This.com are excited to bring you Random Bits, a podcast that will share with you the personalities behind the web.

The Random Bits podcast will feature conversations with some of the biggest names in the wide world of web.

Our goal with the podcast is to discuss hot topics with each guest in their specific field as well as Random Bits of more personal questions allowing the audience a closer look at their personalities! Random Bits will be hosted by our very own Sara Smith so it’s sure to be fun and informative.

Here is what we need from you!

  • Tell us who you would like to have interviewed!
  • If you have any other ideas for the podcast, please share.

We will try to keep each podcast between 15 and 20 minutes so you can listen to them while reading your email or checking your feeds!

Are you excited?! I hope so – but don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too much longer. In fact, next week will be our inaugural podcast with none other than Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz.org! Rand was a very brave man for agreeing to be our first guest and we want to thank him for it. Thanks Rand!

So check back Monday for the very first episode of Random Bits!

2 Responses to “Introducing Random Bits Podcast”


This is great to hear Sara! How will you be delivering the content? There’s a great WordPress plugin called Podpress that you might want to look into if you haven’t done so already. Also, how about using Viddler.com and do a vlog instead?


2 Golgotha

Hey Tomas, I’ll have to look into that plugin. It looks intriguing. But, right now we are going to be using the WebPod (on the right) to play the podcast. It’s been set up to track downloads. Eventually, we will have a master page for Random Bits where we will allow you to download the mp3 so you can put it on your real iPod and listen to it over and over, cause I know you’re going to want to 🙂

The podcast is new territory for all of us so it will be an evolving thing. We appreciate all feedback from you guys. I know Sara and in time she’s going to make this thing a hit!

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