April 30th, 2007 - by ses5909

Random Bits

Episode 1 – 4/30/2007

Guest: Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz.org

Background: Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing

Total Time: 21 minutes

In this, our inaugural podcast, we talk with Rand Fishkin – Search Engine Optimization specialist for SEOmoz.org. Rand gives some optimization advice to help you optimize your website. He also explains the new Premium Membership that SEOmoz.org now offers and finishes with a few personal questions! Who knew that Rand Fishkin would be iPod-less!

This being our first podcast we did have some technical glitches. The volume on my phone is a bit low at times, so click the webPod wheel on the right and turn it up!

Podcast Highlights

  • 00:30 – Hear Rand’s thoughts on reporting paid links to Google
  • 04:18 – Rand tells us his opinion on .gov and .edu links
  • 07:20 – When optimizing, is what’s good for one good for all?
  • 10:21 – Rand gives us some pointers on how to optimize
  • 12:14 – Rand tells us some of his favorite keyword tools
  • 18:32 – Get to know Rand a little bit better

Play the podcast right now! Notice the Random Bits podcast on the right? Just click the Rand Fishkin link and it will start playing. It might take a few seconds to stream-in…

15 Responses to “Random Bits Podcast with Rand Fishkin”

1 Jelena

Great idea for the podcast and great interview!

2 Andrew Flusche

I’m looking forward to listening to the interview. It sounds like some great content!

I just took my Copyright final exam for law school. So now I’m wondering if the iPod gadget on the right sidebar is some kind-of copyright infringement. Man, I’ve got to get that junk out of my head. 🙂

Take care,

3 Golgotha

@Jelena: Thanks, we have some great people lined up so stay tuned!

@Andrew: Rand did a great job. As far as the iPod copyright infringement? I’m not sure, you’re the one who’s in law school 🙂

4 Jelena

@Golgotha: Sara is doing great job here, I can’t wait to hear next interview. 🙂

5 Golgotha

@Jelena: Sara rocks, wait a second, we don’t want to give her a big head now do we. Sara sucks 🙂

6 Golgotha

At least Sara didn’t do a Chris Farley like interview!!

Sara: Did you see “Terminator”?

Rand: No, I missed that one.

Sara: That was a pretty awesome flick…

Sara: What’s up with those yellow shoes?

Sara: [ smacks herself ] IDIOT!! That’s so stupid! What a dumb question!!

[ more Chris Farley ]

7 Richard Naimy

Hi Sara,

You did a great job with the interview. Rand’s a cool cat!

My only issue was I could not download the interview into Itunes or some other listening tool. When I navigated away from the page to read something else on your site the stream stop… I had to go back and start the interview again. The Flash IPOD navigation did not work for me? I could not fast forward to where I left off.

Anyhow, I look forward to listening to more of your interviews!

8 Golgotha

@Richard: We will have a Random Bits podcast ‘master’ page soon (I hope) that you will be able to download the mp3 file.

It does sound like people are having troubles with the iPod interface so I will make changes soon…

You can click the button in the middle of the click-wheel and then use the wheel to move the playhead to a specific spot in the podcast too!

[…] Random Bits Podcast with Rand Fishkin […]

[…] is a great interview of Rand Fishkin on Search This . I really respect rand for offering so much information about SEO, and he is great at explaining […]

11 ses5909

The interview was definitely fun to do. Our goal is to get these interviews out there every couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

[…] released the first interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz.org and for the most part I think it went well. I like the questions I asked and I think […]

13 Lily

And where is the interview anyway?:)

14 Golgotha

@Lily: Notice the Random Bits Podcast in the right column? Just click the Rand Fishkin link and it will start playing. You will need to have Flash installed.

[…] out, though. When you get to the blog entry page, you’ll need to look over on the right hand side for this Flash […]

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