May 1st, 2007 - by Golgotha

Hello friends, today Search-This turns five months old! Still so young. The last five months have been great and we thank you all for participating in the blog by leaving your comments.

Search-This has seen some real growth in just a few short months. Last month we had 111,079 visitors – that’s not bad for one so young. In addition, we have received some warm e-mails. Thank you for those.

We hope to continue to bring you more great articles to help you make your blogs and websites the best they can be.

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Lastly, if you run a blog it would be much appreciated if you added to your blogroll. Remember that blogroll? Something you probably haven’t updated in months. Well let today be the day you update it and be sure to include us!

Thanks friends,

5 Responses to “Friends of Search-This”

1 Mauricio Samy Silva

Happy 5! 🙂
Y – Long life.

2 DotNetNuke

Happy 5:)
This site has been one of my best favourite web resources in past months.

3 Golgotha

@Mauricio & DotNetNuke: Thanks guys, those 5 months went real quick! I think the next 5 will be even better!

4 Paul OB

Keep up the good work Mark 🙂

5 Golgotha

And to you Paul! It takes a tribe!

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