May 12th, 2007 - by Golgotha

5 Responses to “Links for the Weekend, 5-12-2007”

1 DotNetNuke

Polar clock is cool. Do you have a good resource for loading ASP.NET sites faster?

2 Golgotha

@DotNetNuke: nothing comes to mind right now, let me think about it some more. Matt and Sara are both .NET users too, they may know a few things?

3 DotNetNuke

I like PHP stuffs too, but it would be difficult to switch ASP.NET > PHP. There are some tools provide functionality to load faster, but they are not free. And i don’t have access to IIS to enable compression.


I like the new Copyblogger layout – although I wish the content area was a bit bigger. I also remember hearing that they will be releasing the previous design as a WordPress theme.

5 Golgotha

@Tomas: I thought the exact same thing about the content area…

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