May 14th, 2007 - by ses5909

Random Bits

Episode 2 – 5/14/2007

Guest: Dan McComb, Co-Founder of

Background: developer, entrepreneur, indie professional

Total Time: 20 minutes

Rand Fishkin is a hard follow-up for an interview, but Dan McComb, was definitely a great choice!

bizJam Dan shares his experience from starting out as a developer with a great idea to how he made that idea a reality. That is something a lot of us developers want to do!

If you don’t know Dan, you soon will. Dan is the co-founder of, a site that offers “Business Networking that Doesn’t Suck”. is growing rapidly from a local Seattle group to a global community and it’s definitely getting noticed. Biznik is hosting Seattle’s first indie business conference, BizJam on June 9, 2007. If you’re in the Seattle area, definitely check it out.

Podcast Highlights

  • 00:26 – Dan McComb talks about his vision of an Indie Professional
  • 1:45 – Dan tells us what makes different than other networking sites and organizations
  • 6:57 – Dan tells us about going from a local community to a global community
  • 9:57 – Sara asks Dan how as a developer, he took his idea, and made it a reality
  • 10:49 – Dan discusses bootstrapping vs. venture capital and growing organically
  • 13:37 – Sara asks about Bizjam
  • 17:25 – Sara gets personal with Dan

Play the podcast right now! Notice the Random Bits podcast on the right? Just click the Dan McComb link and it will start playing. It might take a few seconds to stream-in…

4 Responses to “Random Bits Podcast with Dan McComb”

1 Golgotha

That’s 2 podcast and they’re both with Seattle guys! What’s up with that? Should have asked them where their favorite coffee spot is 🙂

2 Dan McComb

Lighthouse Coffee in Seattle is the place for true coffee lovers. There’s no wireless, no franchise, just unbelievable coffee that people will drive all the way across town for. Really, it’s amazing.

3 Golgotha

Thanks Dan, and thanks for the interview – really enjoyed it. Good luck to you and to Biznik.

4 Blog-Dreamhost-promo-code

Good work !

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