July 16th, 2007 - by ses5909

Random Bits

Episode 6 – 7/16/2007

Guest: Craig Newmark, Chairman, Customer Service Rep and Owner of Craigs List

Background: Community Builder, Entrepreneur

Total Time: 22 minutes

Craig took the time to have a phone call with me last week and not only is he the brains behind craigslist; but he is also the heart behind it. Craig tells us some reasons why he feels craigslist has grown as much as it has and why it will continue to do us. Listen to this interesting podcast and learn a little more about the man behind the list.

Podcast Highlights

  • 0:33 – I ask if Craig is really his name. Yes I asked this. It was a must!
  • 0:50 – Craig and I talk about how craigslist started
  • 2:41 – Craig tells us he is just a customer service representative
  • 3:41 – We talk about how the site has changed much in terms of look and feel
  • 5:53 – Craig talks about the no-ad policy at craigslist
  • 8:33 – Learn how big craigslist is now
  • 11:05 – Craig tells us about some interesting ads on craigslist and we talk about the future of the site
  • 18:09 – I get personal with Craig and learn a little more about his personality

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2 Responses to “Random Bits Podcast with Craig Newmark”

1 Golgotha

Good interview Sara! I have listened to interviews with Craig before and he aways strikes me as one of those dry savant like guys that probably is actually quite funny once you get him to loosen up. I’d guess he has a few Jack Kerouac books tucked away and more prominently displays his Steven Hawking books. 🙂

I like that he’s a John Stewart fan and a House fan!

Craig is no doubt an interesting guy and extremely bright…

That was a fun listen 🙂

[…] Random Bits Podcast with Craig Newmark – Episode 6 […]

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