July 18th, 2007 - by Chris Garrett

We all know how important links are.

They are to websites as sunlight and water are to flowers.

With this in mind it is critical we all understand how to attract links. There are several strategies, from begging other webmasters for links through to viral marketing. The problem is many people get stuck at the begging stage and become frustrated with the whole thing and then never make it past this initial stage.

I believe there is one main cause of this and I think I can clear it up in a sentence …

It’s not all about you!

Really, this is the best advice I can give on generating tons of inbound links to your site.

Put your ego in a jar and lock it tight. You can get it back out after your links have arrived. For now, ignore the ego monster, instead listen to your audience.

  • What does your niche really need?
  • What do they already link to?
  • What do you link to?
  • What gets attention from social media?
  • What has worked before?
  • What is evergreen, consistently attracts links over time?

In a nutshell, think about what your audience wants, not what you need.

The more you give, the more you get back.

Chris Garrett is a professional blogger and online media consultant. His eBook, “Killer Flagship Content” should be required reading for all bloggers.

One Response to “The Real Secret of Attracting Links”

1 Ashish Jha

Well,what i think is that the only way to attract link is to give something useful to the internet community.
If you provide something useful you will automatically attract links.

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