July 23rd, 2007 - by Golgotha

Search-This would like to officially welcome Jeremy Ashcraft to the team!

<pearl jam rif> Jeremy spoke in class today… </pearl jam rif>

sorry, had to get my Pearl Jam on…

<pearl jam rif> Ooh, but we unleashed a lion… </pearl jam rif>

No, but really, we did unleash a lion, Jeremy joins the team with a strong website development and administration background.

Hopefully you’ve already read Jeremy’s first two articles: Simple Tips to Help Survive The Digg Effect and The Lazy Programmer – Open Source and You. And his next article will be out tomorrow!

Here’s a bit more about Jeremy:

User Name: MrSpooky

  • childhood ambition: to be an astronaut, of course
  • fondest memory: my son being born
  • favorite music: metal! \m/
  • retreat: my front porch with a book
  • proudest moment: winning the pole vault at the 1999 Outdoor Big Ten Championships
  • biggest challenge: managing my time
  • alarm clock: 6:30 AM or my son, whichever comes first
  • perfect day: doing absolutely nothing
  • first job: bailing hay on a farm in rural Indiana
  • indulgence: Taco Bell
  • favorite movie: Fight Club
  • inspiration: knowing that there is someone out there that is better than me at what I do

5 Responses to “Introducing Jeremy Ashcraft – aka MrSpooky”

1 ses5909

Welcome to the group Jeremy 🙂 Can you send some Taco bell my way 😐

2 Golgotha

Taco Bell as an indulgence! Nice! My kinda guy — at work we have Taco Bell Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we hit the Bell (about 5 developers) and play our Nintendo DS WiFi games. Usually Mario Kart or Bomberman. Good times, Good times 🙂

3 MrSpooky

The closest T-Bell to me is a 30 minute drive, so I take it when I can get it. If I had a nickel for every time someone brought that song up, I’d have $4.70. I also just noticed I put Fight Club as my favorite movie, but listed LOTR as my fave in another comment somewhere….

oh well, I’m a liar…..or am I?

4 ses5909

what i would give for some taco bell right now mmmmmmm

5 Paul OB

Belated welcome from me as well 🙂

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