August 6th, 2007 - by ses5909

Random Bits

Episode 7 – 8/6/2007

Guest: Chris Garrett, Blogger

Background: Developer, Entrepreneur, and Blogger

Total Time: 27 minutes

Chris blogs numerous places, including here sometimes, and is someone who is considered a professional blogger. He and I sat down and had a great conversation about blogging tips and strategies. Our talk actually went twice as long as it should have, but it was a great conversation and I didn’t want to cut it short! So, we rambled on and I have turned this into a two-parter packed full of great information. Chris really knows his stuff and this is a great post for beginner and experienced bloggers alike!

Podcast Highlights

  • 00:28 – How does Chris keep up with his posting pace?
  • 03:45 – We discuss what kind of topics get people to comment.
  • 07:45 – How do you get people to comment?
  • 11:40 – How being a blogger can affect your life.
  • 17:43 – We talk about hosting your own blog versus a hosted solution.
  • 24:38 – The misconception of “Build it and they will come”.

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5 Responses to “Random Bits Podcast with Chris Garrett, Part 1”

1 Golgotha

Good interview – Chris is definitely the right person to talk with about blogging and he seems like a real and honest guy. Anytime you put people ahead of money, as I believe Chris does, you will find success sooner or later!

Really enjoyed it, bring on part 2!

2 Another Audio Interview With Me @

[…] yet (I hope I don’t sound like a complete prat) but Sara has informed me that part one of the Random Bits Podcast featuring me is up and ready to listen to. Sara split the interview into two parts because I […]

3 Jelena

As always, great interview. Looking forward to part II

4 Golgotha

I’m waiting for Sara to make someone cry 😉

5 What Are You Known For? : Performancing

[…] Chris Garrett’s opinion in this Xfep podcast. Just for equal time you had better listen to me also, just to prove we are two different […]

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