August 22nd, 2007 - by Golgotha

Our friend Chris Garrett has issued us a challenge. He would like me to ask you, the Search-This audience, what you think this blog is about!

Chris makes the point that no matter what we say this blog is about or how it’s defined in the About section, it’s really you, our readers, that will determine what this blog is all about.

So what do you say?

You’re going to tell your friends about Search-This over the weekend, what are you going to tell them? Oh, and while you’re at it, you are going to link to Search-This and tell your friends to do that too! Just trying my Jedi mind trick powers out there! 🙂

9 Responses to “What is Your Blog About Really?”

1 Ben Partch

I would tell people it is about web development.

2 Patrick Burt

A Website about Websites. 🙂

3 John

‘Web development’ may be a bit narrow because it’s about SEO, marketing and general industry news too. But saying something like ‘website creation and maintenance resource’ is a bit wordy. :/

4 Golgotha

Thanks for the comments guys – keep them coming – as I will be creating a follow up post to this later.

5 Chris Ovenden

I have it in my ‘Web Dev’ tab in netvibes.

6 Danny Foo

Without reading the About, my first assumption is search engine optimization because of the domain.

After reading the About, I would say web design and development.

7 Bro. Tee

I will say it is about web design and development. A good place for newbies to garner useful and workable ideas.

8 Golgotha

Thanks Bro. Tee – and you are correct, it is about web design, development and promotion.

9 ChrisJB

I’d say, broadly, internet marketing. But then any online communication involving money, including dev and design goes under marketing I spose. I said that before looking around this page properly, just based on memory and the site name — search: SEO… just so you know, so that’s how you brand ‘spoke to me’, despite article content.

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