October 5th, 2007 - by Golgotha

coffee-avatar If you are a blogger, whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, take five minutes and make sure you have the five items on the list below checked off. The websites below can bring traffic to your blog, they can inform you of who’s linking to your blog and from where, they can show you who visits your blog and they can allow you to share your blog with others.

If nothing else, be sure to add the avatar (photo image) to your profile as it gives others instant recognition of you. My avatar is the coffee image you see on the left – ummm – how I love a good cup of joe in the morning…

  • Technorati

    Forget about Google’s PageRank — Technorati is the new PageRank. So make Technorati your first stop after creating your blog. Technorati is currently tracking over 107.2 million blogs. It allows you, the blogger, to see who is linking to your blog.

    Once you’ve signed up please do us all a favor and add a photo (avatar) to your account. You would be surprised at how many bloggers I recognize while surfing because they use the same photo across websites like Technorati, Digg, MyBlogLog and all the rest.

    Now that you are in Technorati and you’ve added your photo it would be much appreciated in you were to add Search-This to your Technorati Favorites so I can see your photo! Thanks!

  • MyBlogLog

    MyBlogLog (now owned by Yahoo) gives you the opportunity to see who is visiting your blog and build a community with them. While I haven’t exorcised the option of adding the widget to my blog I have created an account so that I could see who visits my blog and also let others know that I have stopped by their blog.

    MyBlogLog is another site you will no doubt benefit from by adding a photo picture to your profile. Your photo (avatar) then gets seen be all those that have the widget on their blog. That’s a lot of people! See here, Sara has the widget on her blog. Is that not reason enough to add a photo? 🙂

  • del.icio.us

    I must admit I can’t stand the domain name del.icio.us! I probably type it wrong at least half the time. Ok, now that I’ve said that del.icio.us is social bookmarking service for storing and sharing web bookmarks. It too is owned by Yahoo. Take a minute and create an account. You can then bookmark pages to it and share your bookmarks with others.

  • StumbleUpon!

    StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. Download the toolbar and then as you click the Stumble! button, they deliver web pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 3,529,307 other websurfers with interests similar to you.

    You can also submit your blogs popular pages to StumbleUpon allowing others to stumble across your pages. You’d be surprised how much traffic StumbleUpon can bring to your blog.

  • Digg

    I think everyone is familiar with Digg by now and chances are you either love it or hate it so I will only ask you to add the avatar to your profile if you haven’t yet already done so.

    Some good Digg reading:

    11 Tips to Enhance Your Digg User Experience (and Hopefully Bring You Front Page Fame)
    Converting Diggers: How To Maximise Getting Dugg

    If you feel compelled to add me to your Digg friends list – here I am.

5 Responses to “5 Things To Do In 5 Minutes”

1 Sam

You’re added just for the phrase “Technorati is the new PageRank.” Love that!

2 Halloween Contest

I agree with Technorati and MyBlogLog. Stumble traffic doesn’t do much for me and getting on Digg is very hard to do.

Best of Luck to you.


3 iTony

I am those that hate digg even though I know how good it is. Great resource post, it definitely would be in my delicious links. 😛


I must admit I can’t stand the domain name del.icio.us! I probably type it wrong at least half the time.

Download the del.icio.us Bookmarks extension/add-on for your browser, you’ll eliminate the need to type the url in your browser forever! 😉

5 Golgotha

@TOMAS – I have that installed at home, but not at work…

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