October 17th, 2007 - by Golgotha


Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform search engine, Tafiti, is visually interesting and fun to play with.

When you enter a search and click Go the service swirls into action: The search box slides to the top left, and five icons spin into view below it for searching the Web, news sites, images, books, or RSS feeds.

Tafiti sports an animated interface developed by Microsoft’s Silverlight platform – a technology that Microsoft would like to see challenge Adobe’s Flash player.

Instead of sponsored links on the right side of the results, there are five empty shelves. Drag your results onto a shelf to save them in “stacks”; then log in to a Windows Live, MSN, or Hotmail account to see your saved searches the next time you open your browser. You can give your stacks names, send a stack to someone via e-mail, or post it to your Windows Live Space blog.

Play with Tafiti and see what you think…

5 Responses to “Microsoft Tafiti”


I especially like the “You’ll need to install Silverlight to experience Tafiti.com” feature! 🙂 [Sarcasm]

2 Robin

And guess what? There’s no plugin available for Windows 2000.

I don’t think I’ll ever use that site again. It really lacks usability, eg: there’s no possibility to perform a new search in the tree page. Plus the design is ugly (a computergame ad in the background.

3 Golgotha

@TOMAS – Yeah, Microsoft is going to have to overcome that obstacle – somehow. Adobe did it, kinda.

@Robin – I think it’s more to just showcase what Silverlight can do than anything else.

4 Tercüme bürosu

It really lacks usability, eg: there’s no possibility to perform a new search in the tree page…

5 Web Design Media

Silverlight will never match Flash !! I can bet on it….

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