October 19th, 2007 - by ses5909

gaspThis just in, “I’m Having an Affair”!

I was doing my usual daily blog reading last week when I came across one of those posts, “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while…”. We all know the posts and typically I just skim right through them and move on. This post got me thinking though. The author explained his absence was due to him spending too much time on other projects. All of the sudden, I knew what was happening; I knew the signs. This guy was cheating on his website, and so was I.

One of my first websites was my personal blog (beware, it’s the land of the elephant graveyard). Now this isn’t some great fancy website but it is the first one I created for myself. I had done plenty of websites for clients, but none for myself. ilovecode (yes, she has a name) was my first love and the first website that got me thinking about more websites I could build for myself. ilovecode was a labor of love. I had a lot of things happen there behind the scenes that the public wasn’t aware of. I got into heavy experimentation with different methodologies and different techniques. This was really a learning opportunity for me; much as most first loves are. You make mistakes, you learn from them and try not to repeat them. When I would break her (and I broke her often), I would do whatever I could to fix her.

One day though, I had an idea for a new website. I spent most of my time thinking about this new idea and was consumed with it. Thoughts of it constantly ran through my head. My fire to develop was reignited and it was due to this new site being in my life. See, I told you I was cheating. I continued to cheat, repeatedly. In fact I am still cheating and have a new love that I spend all of my time on: my blog forum and resource site.

I’m going to bet that I’m not alone in my infidelity. I know sometimes when working on one project for too long, you can get lost in the monotony of the day-to-day. Once the excitement has worn off you find that a new project can really get you excited again. I don’t mind my website infidelity although at times it feels more like a polygamous relationship. I’ve got several wives (or husbands) who all pull together for the community or our relationship by promoting each other and linking to each other.

I must say, when Mark told me to write something “light” for a Friday post and I told him my idea, I think he thought I was a little crazy (or maybe a lot) but I don’t think he got the comparison between owning websites and relationships. So I leave it to you to prove one of us wrong (Mark). Do you see the comparison and more importantly, have you experienced it as well?

9 Responses to “I’m Having an Affair”

1 Jelena

Interesting analogy, however, it would be too weird for me to say that I cheated on my site. /giggle

2 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

Well, the only thing I can see in common between owning websites and personal relationships is that my websites don’t get me laid any more than my personal relationships do. 🙂

3 Sam

The analogy makes perfect sense. I cheat on my blog all the time, with all sorts of sites. That’s why I change themes so much; it’s like taking it out on a “dress-up” date. 😉

4 ses5909

@jelena – Well you haven’t cheated on your site …yet…

@Jack – Sorry to hear about that matter 😀

@Sam – Changing themes…. oh stories I could relate to that

Thanks for the comments 🙂

5 John

I don’t cheat on my site, but then I haven’t been paying it a lot of attention lately either.

6 Golgotha

I’m faithful to all my wives 🙂

7 Ashish Jha

Lol, a sad climax to the post with sexy title.
Title gave me an impression that your are writing about your personal life (thought u going to share pics of your GF,lol) but my excitement vanished when i read second para.

8 ses5909

Sorry to lead you on Ashish! Are you looking for more personal info about the authors here on Search-This.com?

Also, if I posted pictures of my girlfriend, I think I’d be in big trouble with my husband 🙂

9 Ashish Jha

You forced me to read each line of about page more carefully.Well,i don’t know about others but i,as a reader of this such a nice blog, always like to know more about the life of owners and what they did to achieve success. I know nobody shares secret but something is always better than nothing.

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