December 4th, 2007 - by Golgotha

We at Search-This have always tried to be upfront with our readers. So I feel that it’s appropriate to tell you that over the next month or two we will be ‘experimenting‘ with monetizing Search-This.

Nothing is for sure at this point. We will try a few different techniques: Google AdSense, TLA or even may try to come up with our own way. Or we may decide not to monetize at all. It’s all just kind of an experiment at this point. So please do weigh in and tell us your thoughts. If you have suggestions, please share, if you hate it, tell us that too. One thing is for sure, we will not let any ads get in the way or detract from the content.

Once again, this is more of an experiment and nothing is known at this point. Please share your thoughts.

Mark (Golgotha)

18 Responses to “Google AdSense Experiment”

1 ses5909

I say it’s about time. I know how much time I spend on the site and I don’t even own it. Search-this is an incredible resource and you have every right to monetize it.

2 Chris Coyier

Go for it! Anything you spend time on is worth money, especially highly technical and useful information like this. Are you going to put up a page with rates for direct advertising?

3 Golgotha

@Chris Coyier – probably not, but if you look on the left side, below the nav, there is a “Friendly’s” section that I do accept ad spots on.

4 Mark

No monetization!! =(

5 Golgotha

@Mark – Could you elaborate on that?

6 Clive Walker

Be careful if you choose the TLA route because of possible Google PageRank penalties.

7 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

I’ve no problem with monetisation personally…you’ve gotta eat like the rest of us 🙂

8 Kathy

I agree that you should indeed be compensated for your EXCELLENT content!!!

Just an FYI… Google Adsense pays when people click on the ads. People tend to “click” on ads when they see them. You’ll see a better “conversion” on your ads if they are displayed above the “fold” or within the content.

9 Court

Excited to see what you try! I love to see different ways that people monetize their sites because it gives me ideas for mine. 🙂

10 Robin

I don’t mind ads in general as long as there’s a clear border between the content and the ads. I hate to see disguised advertisements as general posts.

11 Golgotha

So yesterday was our first full day of Google AdSense and we made $3.00 dollars. Looks like we can all retire soon.

I have some ideas for rolling my own method that I think may work better…

@Robin – exactly, we will never let the ads distract from the content. Content will always be our first priority here.

12 Patrick Burt

Monetize. You owe it to yourself and it’s not like it’s something that will keep returning visitors from visiting the site ever again.

13 trademark registration

You gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with adding some ads to your website, especially if they’re relevant. Just my 2 cents.

14 mike

@Kathy – Text-link-ads pays me roughly 10 times what I get from adsense. Google can suck my page rank. I’m sick of looking at my adsense stats and seeing clicks paying me THREE cents each or less. The days of a single click paying $1.00 or more are long gone. I’ve had adsense on my site for about 3 years now and I’m giving adsense until I get my next payout and then I’m removing it.

15 Golgotha

@mike – those are my thoughts too mike. I’m rolling my own solution right now, hopefully have it done by February and roll it out.

16 Scott

I love your site. As far as trying to monitize it, I see your trying adsense although I’m not sure about the text link thing but one place I know you might waant to checkout that is getting ready to explode because you can get paid for every visitor that visits your site and they don’t even have to click on an ad. This will be the hottest opportunity since adsense and is destined to become as big as adsense. It’s called pay per play. Go checkout and see what I’m talking about. It’s free and in prelaunch and are pretty much accepting all websites. The advertisers are deep pocket multi national corporations that bid to have a five second audio played on your website. Hope this helps you in your quest to monitize your site.

17 hubs

I’ve experimented with all kinds of monetization methods. So far text-link-ads have paid the most, however it destroys your google page rank (if that is something you;’re concerned about). I’m currently testing out project wonderful which allows advertisers to bid on having ads published on your site. I’m also a beta tester for the Rubicon Project which optimizes 300+ ad networks on your site.

18 Golgotha

hubs – cool, keep us posted on those. I am currently rolling my own method. I’m hoping to have something available by January.

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