December 31st, 2007 - by Golgotha

As a blogger, one of the most rewarding things you can do is look back over your body of work at the end of a year to see what you’ve accomplished. I’ve spent the last week perusing the archives and I am very pleased with what Search-This was able to offer up in 2007. In case you missed anything, here are just some of the great posts from 2007. Enjoy!





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Let us know if there is something you would like to have us blog about in 2008. Or who you would like to see interviewed in a Random Bits Podcast. And Thanks for making 2007 a wonderful year.

2 Responses to “Best of Search-This 2007”

1 Patrick Burt

Thanks for the links! A few of these are new to me because they weren’t in the popular articles section (at the left side of your page).


Nice list, and here’s wishing Search-This continued success in 2008!

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