February 18th, 2008 - by Golgotha

The first lesson of our How to promote your blog series was titled “Know where you’re going”. In it we talked about the importance of planning and setting goals for your blog. Creating that vision before starting out on your journey creates a real destination in your mind; it gives you something to work towards and allows you to visualize what it will take to get there.

In this, our second lesson, I want to caution you about a trap that can happen to bloggers, especially as your blog becomes more and more successful. Let’s just call it stinginess.

When I started Search-This in June of 2003 it was the height of Google’s PageRank. People were crazy about PageRank and acquiring it and hording it. I was no different. I didn’t want to link out to anyone and transfer <Golem like>my precious</Golem like> to anyone else. In a word, I was stingy.

Stinginess is rampant in the business world — to concentrate so much on the prize that you forget to help others along the way. Guy Kawasaki in his book The Art of The Start begins the first chapter by saying, “The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning — to create a product or service that makes the world a better place.” I couldn’t agree more and while blogging may not allow you to change the world, you can still give back to the community of which you are a part.

So I would caution you to not fall victim to stinginess as you blog, like I did.

Thankfully in 2007 when I relaunched Search-This I, like Frodo, conquered the strangle-hold that my precious had over me. Search-This today now gives without concern for link-juice to others. In addition, when we come up with a new or improved way of doing things, you can be sure to hear about it right here; we give away all our tools and techniques for others to use.

Here are some ways to give back to your community:

1. Link Freely
Give away the link-juice — really, it’s ok.

2. Blogroll
Let others know what blogs you enjoy reading and reward those blogs by placing them in your blogroll.

3. Teach a Man To Fish
If you have developed a successful technique for doing something, then share it with others. Stinginess can really creep up on you with this one. We often think “damn I spent a lot of time coming up with this solution, I’m not giving it away.” We all learn from each other, one day it’s your turn to learn, the next day it’s your turn to teach. Everyone wins.

4. Give it Away Now
If you’ve made a great plugin or wiget perhaps others might like it too? Again, try not to succumb to stinginess. Surely you are benefiting from someone else’s plugin. Now let others benefit from yours.

Remember, nobody gets to the top by themselves. Someone helped you along the way. Make sure you do the same.

16 Responses to “How to Promote Your Blog – Give A Little Bit”


Looks like you’ve got a good series going here – keep up the good work! Oh, and yes “sharing is caring” as they say. 🙂

2 Fabian

This one is also a great article. I also read the other two articles about how to promote your blog. I started with my first blog in January and I think these articles are really helpfull

I think your totally right, I’m currently working on a design I made a few months ago to make it fit to WordPress. I’m planning to share it and put it on my website to be downloaded for free.

Can’t wait for the next post about blog promotion 😉

3 amelia

thumbs up 😀

4 Golgotha

@Febian – thanks and good luck to your blog.

@amelia – thanks for the thumbs 🙂

5 Wen Design Media

This is a very interesting article and I hope it helps me in the future ! 🙂

6 Cory

Just wanted to say thanks for your postings on how to increase blog traffic. I know when you stop and think about it is the simple things that really make a difference in increasing the amount of hits a site gets. I have read several of your posts and found this on “giving” the most interesting. Keep up the good work! Oh and your little “” gave me a good laugh.


7 SonDan

Great suggestions. Glad I found your article. Thanks for sharing.

8 SuperJason

One of my sites is extremely popular, and at the suggestion of an SEO expert, I switched all links to “nofollow”. I haven’t noticed any change in rankings.

It would be interesting to find more detailed statistics.

9 Ben Foster

Wow you are really nice. I wish I had an awesome blog. I would go around and link to random blogs right now, I swear I would.

10 Marc

I really like your approach and believe your priniciples in sharing apply beyond blogging. That said, you’re blog is very helpful for me. I just started my first blog and I am anxiously looking for useful content and feedback on what I need to do to improve. Nice work.

11 MJ

Thanks for the article, Golgotha. In my career, especially, we all tend to be stingy. We hoard our job-finding secrets, our tricks of the trade. I’m just starting to promote my blog and my music online and it’s good to find grounded voices that remind me to pass on advice and help out the community. We musicians are so competitive sometimes…

12 Rusty

These things take time, but they work!

13 Will

nicely written and useful insight. I am new to the blogging game and web in general. authoring, that is. 😉
Am currently scouring sites like yours to learn quickly. thanks very much.

14 bryan

I really enjoyed this article. I will blogroll this one, for sure! I appreciate the concise and useful information you are sharing. Please be sure to keep it coming!

15 Alex

Excellent ideas. Helpful, to the point – and so true!

16 Sinead

I’m new to blogging and really appreciate info like this, thanks for sharing. You’re clear and kind. The best way to be. Good luck 😉

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