February 20th, 2008 - by Golgotha

I’m too young to feel this old…

A friend of mine, he’s ten years younger than I am, asked me to text him after the movie was over. I had to tell him that I’m not a texter, that I would just call him, the old school way.

Another friend recently asked me if I was using Window’s Vista yet. I told him I was waiting for Service Pack One. I could not believe it – those were the words my father always used, but never me! I was always an early adopter, sometimes even using beta additions, but no more. I’d like to blame this on all the bad reviews of Vista though. But, theres other concerns:

I have an iPod, but you’re more likely to hear the Greatful Dead playing than Lamb of God.
I have LinkedIn and delicious accounts, but I never did bother with mySpace and FaceBook accounts.
I am a big Instant Messenger user and have been since 1995, anyone remember PowWow? But I don’t get the appeal of text messaging.
I enjoy blogging, but Twitter seems like an annoying girlfriend who wants to constantly know what I’m up to.

What social sites do you guys belong to?
Do you Twitter and if so why?
Do you text message?
and what’s your age?

29 Responses to “The Generational Gap”

1 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

I remember when I used to install beta versions of operating system and compilers…not any more!

What social sites do you guys belong to?
Facebook – don’t really see the point…I don’t know anybody on there

Do you Twitter and if so why?
Yes (as techteapot) a micro blog companion to my main blog. Just installed a plugin to connect the two. We’ll see how it works out.

Do you text message?
Not unless I can help it…not good from a RSI perspective

and what’s your age?
39 3/4

2 Golgotha

@Jack – “I remember when I used to install beta versions of operating system and compilers…not any more!”

Yeah, what happened to us? Did we grow up or do we just not have time to put up with the headaches of things not working…

Let me know how your micro blog goes – I’ll stop by your blog and have a look to see what that’s like…

What’s an RSI perspective?

anyways Jack, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one…

3 Atlantic City, NJ

social sites – BZ

Do not twitter

Do not text message


Hows that for short and sweet!

4 Becky

I use Facebook and Myspace

I do not twitter, thought I loved your comment that Twitter “seems like an annoying girlfriend who wants to constantly know what I’m up to.”

I do text some, but I am very slow.

I have 26 soon to be 27.

5 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

@Golgotha – “What’s an RSI perspective?”

Repetitive Strain Injury – hammering away on a phone keyboard would not do my already knackered wrists any good at all. Eight-ten hours of mousing a day has seen to that.

“Yeah, what happened to us?”

We’ve got work to do. Messing around with betas isn’t the most productive thing to do is it?

6 Ben

What social sites do you guys belong to?
I have a myspace page for my heavy metal site cause you have to be a member to contact bands.

Do you Twitter and if so why?
I tried it out to see what it was, but decided there was no point, so I closed the account. I do not Digg, Stumble or any of that stuff…

Do you text message?
Do you mean on a cell phone? If so, no, I do not own a cell phone. I do use IM’s online though and send messages to some of my friends cells.

and what’s your age?

7 Rob Lowe

I have a un/pw combo for just about every social media site in the world, but I only frequent LinkedIn, to much a lesser degree Facebook and to an even lesser degree Orkut.

I do not Twitter

I text like there is no tomorrow and love predictive text entry.

I am 25

8 John

I’m on Vista (didn’t have a choice when I upgraded my PC).

I use Facebook but not very actively. I signed up to Myspace ages ago but have never used it. I’ve got a LinkedIn account but again, don’t use it very much.

I don’t Twitter.

I’ve got an iPod and it’s mostly got more recent music on it.

Age: 37

9 John

Oops, forgot: yes I text sometimes but I’m more likely to call or use email.

10 Golgotha

Ok, well I’m feeling a little better now, seems that I’m not the only one who doesn’t Twitter or text.

So I’m not missing anything by not using Facebook or MySpace?

Our ages range from 57 to 25, thus far.

11 Chad

I don’t do any social networking, no twitter, I don’t text unless I have to, and I don’t own an iPhone. I’m 26 years old.

Hows that for weird.


Social Sites – Friendster, Orkut, & MySpace, although I haven’t touched them in ages and can’t remember my username or password on 2 of the 3. 🙂

Twitter – Nope, haven’t had the time to look into it. Looks interesting but I’ll wait.

Text Message – RUKidding? IH8 Typng w/ a tiny kb, it sux! Instead, if I need to send a txt I just end up using the web or my Gmail.

What’s your age? – Early thirties 🙂

Although I must say that I use Del.icio.us, GTalk, Flickr, and OS X all the time. 😉

13 Anna Vester

I use facebook and linkdin, never bothered with myspace (it just does not appeal to me).

No Twitter for me (don’t see a point)

I do text message (i guess having a smart phone helps a tad, to me smart phone = quick typing)

and what’s your age?
Middle twenties.

14 Jeff B

What social sites do you guys belong to?
Facebook – admiral70
Myspace – admiral70
Myblog – admiral70

Do you Twitter and if so why?
Yes – admiral70
Trying to promote my blog and read other people tweets.

Do you text message?
yes family only.

and what’s your age?

15 Golgotha

@Chad – you said it, weird 🙂

@Tomas – oh yeah, gTalk and Trillian

@Anna – I guess I could see the appeal of text-messaging if it was a real qwerty keyboard (like an iPhone) AND it was FREE! Then it’s just like IM.

@Jeff – How does Twittering promote your blog?

16 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

@Golgotha – are you going to fill this out as well? I’d love to know how old you are. 🙂

17 Eric

I’m still an XP guy, and don’t see Vista in the future.

Don’t facebook, etc. Never cared for CB radios either. (Who’s old enough to remember that craze?)

Don’t text.

Quit betas.

I’m 48 and was the first person on the block with WIN95 back in ’95.

18 Golgotha

@Jack – oh sure, I’m 35… My “social sites” of choice are Digg and StumbleUpon. Digg can be down right brutal to try and leverage, but I enjoy keeping up with news on it and StumbleUpon is like mindless channel surfing, so of course I love that. I also have delicious and LinkedIn accounts. I enjoy reading, blogging and golf. Good enough?

19 Susan

What social sites do you guys belong to?
None. Just don’t get them.

Do you Twitter and if so why?
What’s a Twitter and why would I want one?

Do you text message?
Oh yeah. Now THIS I enjoy. I can sneak off text messages when I’m in a lecture, on a train, etc. and have all the fun of communicating without having everyone around me in on the conversation.

and what’s your age?

20 Golgotha

@Susan – 59 and texting, wow you just broke the curve we had going. Good for you, you go girl…

@Eric – I remember playing with my dad’s CB radio. I also remember 1200 baud modems and Commodore64’s; good times, good times.

21 Jack @ The Tech Teapot

@Eric – 10 4 good buddy. what’s urrrr 6? Never had a CB though. Just picked it up from the kids at school.

@Golgotha – you’ll be cheered up to know that according to the US census, you’re middle aged. though perhaps you’ll be more happy that Oxford English Dictionary middle age is defined as starting at 45 whilst whilst the Collins Dictionary defines it as starting at 40. I think I’ll go with the OED definition…that’s still 5 years off for me. 🙂

22 Susan

Yeah – shhhhhh – no one’s told me I’m not still a kid. ; )

23 ses5909

I text maybe once a month on average. I’m 32. I do like SU but otherwise am not active in social media/networking communities.

I also use im sparingly as it can be a big distraction. I do open up snitter about once a week and send some tweets out and check to see what others are up to but it isn’t one of those things that is always open. username on there is ses5909

24 G

I remember when I was the cool one. Now I’m just old and slow.

I do use twitter/pownce from t2t, I don’t see the point of myspace/facebook, I do send the occasional text when a co-worker is in a meeting and I want to make them lol.

25 Lee

I’m 32….set up facebook and myspace accounts but was bored with them the first day and haven’t really been back since. I also don’t text – too slow and aggravating!

26 Tim

I just came across this blog and ironically just wrote something of a similar nature, but with a slightly different perspective.

27 Golgotha

@Tim – good post, who didn’t love Zaxxon and Qbert!?

28 BigAlReturns

FaceBook is the only socnet site I use…as all my friends use it, and often use it as the sole way of announcing parties etc. then I’d be a social outcast without it.
Used to be big on IM, started with AIM but moved to MSN about 8 years ago and stuck with it – again it’s a “what my friends use” decision. I do have a Twitter account, but didn’t really see the point to be honest!

As to betas/early adoption, on my Ubuntu PC I am – generally have plenty of beta software etc. Latest examples would be most of the KDE4 dev phase releases, although I’ve got rid of most of it because it really isn’t up to what I expected yet. I love my pre-release browsers as well! FF3b3 is the latest and I’m a big fan already.
Unfortunately my laptop is Vista, can’t go the Linux route because none of my wireless cards are supported. I keep this absolutely bog standard, nothing even remotely unsupported, because Vista is slow enough already, and I don’t feel as confident in support from the Vista “community” as I do from the Linux one.

29 BigAlReturns

Oh and I’m 23!

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