April 14th, 2008 - by Golgotha

As you run your blog you may find yourself building relationships with some of your visitors. I know that when someone puts in the time to be a repeat commentator to Search-This I often find myself wanting to investigate that person a little. I may visit their blog and read a handful of their posts. I then usually look for an about page to get a brief bio of the person. I guess we all like to know who we’re inviting into our homes…

One of the problems I had at Search-This was that I could never easily tell how many comments a given person contributed. It would be nice to know who our top commentators are, not just for a given month but overall.

In addition to satisfying my own curiosity, I thought you guys might also like to know how many comments total you have logged.

Now we both can tell!

Simply mouseover the dude representing you for your comment and it shows you your total comments. It also displays links to the last three posts you commented in. See the screenshot below:

11 Responses to “New – Comment Callouts”

1 hubs

You could get some great exposure by turning this into a wordpress plugin (if it isn’t already one).

2 Golgotha

Hey hubs, I may turn it into a plugin yet. The tricky part is to get it to work with ANY theme out there…

3 Jeremy

I’d also like to see this as a plugin 🙂

4 Alvin Nyau

Awsome plugin! I think I should also communicate with my blog’s commentators and those in search-this as well. =)


Awesome-awesome feature! And I agree with the other commentators that this would make a killer WordPress plugin! 😉

6 SuperJason

I could definitely see this catching on. It would, however, be nice if the information was pre-loaded. That would avoid the hover delay. Of course there’s always a trade-off.

7 Jayson

I do the same thing with visitors on our blog. I think I’m just curious; doing a little bit of investigative work on people is always a little fun.

8 Patrick Burt

Thirty something comments? I gotta get out more.

Are the comments attached to the name or email? or both?

9 Golgotha

@Patrick – 36 comments to be exact 🙂 See how I can know that now… And we love your comments! It’s based on email.

10 Free Blog Traffic

Great plugin, I will adopt it in my blog, looks fantastic!

11 Technology Blog

I would most definitely turn it into a plug in (if not already done so) before somebody else jumps in to it.

I also have another idea for a plug in, which I am unable to design, which would be related posts which come up at the end of each single post and actually look nice! Whats more, they should not rely on tags (because some blogs do not use them) and find the related posts through a category (there is a related posts plugin that does this, but it doesn’t look to good and requires dreary manual installation, bad when some people or not CSS savvy.

Any whoo, thanks for the post 😉


Jakk Ogden – Your fellow technoholic 😀

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