January 2nd, 2009 - by Golgotha

Happy New Year all, here are some articles from the past year that we think are worth a read:

6 Responses to “Articles You May Have Missed in 2008, But Shouldn’t Have”

1 Paul OB

Another year gone by so quickly 🙂

2 Jack Hughes

Happy new year! Hope 2009 isn’t as bad as is being predicted…

3 Golgotha

Yep, 2009, seems like last year we were all worried about Y2K…. Time fly’s.

Hey Jack, I’m hopeful for 2009. I think Obama is in control.

4 Jack Hughes

@Golgotha – he is certainly being set up for the whole knight on a white charger in the middle east… as soon as he is inaugurated he’ll click his fingers and peace will descend upon the middle east. Or am I just being a little cynical?

5 San Nayak

I like this post the max “10 Things Any Web Developer Worth Their Spit Should Know”.

6 ShoppingGuide

I like the post as CSS – An Absolute Mess.

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