January 26th, 2009 - by Golgotha

So this morning I thought I would take a look at some of the videos that showcase Windows 7. Maybe get excited about some of the new features, get my hopes up, why not? I went to their website but CAN’T view the videos!

First I get the, “Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.” bar, which is not a problem in and of itself. I realize I need to get the Silverlight plugin. So I try to do so and get this error message.


[ Click to enlarge ]

I’m not going to switch browsers in order to view videos people…

Oh Microsoft, why do you do this to yourself? I can’t keep defending you forever…

5 Responses to “Oh, The Irony…”

1 Brian Nash

Looks like it’s a silverlight plugin it’s looking for. I _guess_ I can understand that, since it’s Microsoft wanting to promote Windows 7 after all – it would be alot to expect for them to do it in flash… However, Firefox can’t resolve the plugin, and I’m not about to go on a big hunt to track it down…

2 Ben


Not so hard to find the download for Silverlight.

Note: I have not installed SL and have no intentions of doing so as long as I can avoid it. 😛

Windows 7 is cool. Grab a beta copy/product key, partition your HD and install it Mark. :p

Then no need to install SL or rely on M$ to do anything right. 🙂


3 Golgotha

@Brian – right, I have no problem with having to download the Silverlight plugin. I get that. BUT damn if Firefox can’t download it. Just dumb dumb dumb…

@Ben – I’m sure I could get it to work with minimum effort, but I’m a web user, I’m lazy and I shouldn’t have to make that effort.

4 John

I’ve downloaded the beta too and although I haven’t used it too much, it is pretty slick and feels a lot faster than Vista (although of course, I haven’t got any programs installed on it yet).

5 FupDuckTV

I used to run out and download every new beta product out there. I’m now at an age and a point in my career that I can let all those other young pups that work for me clamore to downloaded the lastest and greatest. All I know is Win7 has got to be better than Vista.

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