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Meet the team below:

Mark Angeletti

User Name: Golgotha

  • childhood ambition: world cup soccer player
  • fondest memory: the birth of my daughter sofie
  • favorite music: bob marley, willie nelson, van morrison, david gray
  • retreat: the pitch (soccer field)
  • proudest moment: being a dad
  • biggest challenge: being a christian
  • alarm clock: 5:55
  • perfect day: good coffee, good golf, good book, good sex
  • first job: k-mart sporting goods
  • indulgence: reading
  • favorite movie: it’s a wonderful life
  • inspiration: god

Matt Wilkin

User Name: cpradio

  • childhood ambition: to be a software developer, seriously, it was…
  • fondest memory: looking at my old code and just realizing what an idiot I was back then
  • favorite music: anything but elevator music, seriously, how do you not fall asleep to elevator music?
  • retreat: hiking in the smokies
  • proudest moment: three weeks of hammering an application, countless thankful users
  • biggest challenge: writing quote engines for an insurance company and making it easy to maintain
  • alarm clock: 6:30 AM on a good day, 4:30 AM on implementation day (project going to production)
  • perfect day: my wife told me it was her wedding day, err… our wedding day. 😛
  • first job: PetsMart stocker/fork-lift driver
  • indulgence: hard drives, I have 10 (in one PC) equaling 1.8 TB but that is not enough
  • favorite movie: geez, I can’t just pick one, that would be unfair to the rest of them
  • inspiration: knowing knowledge has no limits other than a person’s refusal to continue learning

Sara Smith

User Name: ses5909

  • childhood ambition: so many but mainly an astronaut and a forensic investigator (I was addicted to serial killer books)
  • fondest memory: my kids being born
  • favorite music: I like rock/alternative mainly but am open to other music
  • retreat: kayaking in Monterey bay
  • proudest moment: I have lots. Im most proud when I see my kids. Sounds cliché I know, but its true. Kids really change your life
  • biggest challenge: staying focused
  • alarm clock: my dogs
  • perfect day: being outside and enjoying the fresh air with my best friend
  • first job: sold admittance to a softball field when I was 14
  • indulgence: ice cream
  • favorite movie: What about bob
  • inspiration: life

Paul O’Brien

User Name: Paul O’B

  • childhood ambition: To grow up
  • fondest memory: Birth of my Children
  • favorite music: Jackson Browne, James Taylor, CSN&Y, Eagles, Beatles
  • retreat: None
  • proudest moment: Getting my Third Dan Black Belt in Karate
  • biggest challenge: Getting my Third Dan Black Belt in Karate
  • alarm clock: No
  • perfect day: Sun bathing on a nice warm beach
  • first job: Van driver for my fathers packaging business
  • indulgence: Chocolate
  • favorite movie: Blade Runner
  • inspiration: Bruce Lee

Vinnie Garcia

User Name: vinnie

  • childhood ambition: becoming a cartoonist
  • fondest memory: not sure
  • favorite music: anything with a good beat; mostly rock, electronic, and hip-hop
  • retreat: the beach or my headphones
  • proudest moment: getting married
  • biggest challenge: being married 😉
  • alarm clock: don’t use one, I tend to wake up early anyway
  • perfect day: sitting by the pool doing nothing at all
  • first job: warehouse assistant for a medical supply company
  • indulgence: kickball
  • favorite movie: lots of them, most recently: Borat
  • inspiration: art, nature, architecture, and most importantly loved ones

Dan Schulz

User Name: Dan Schulz

  • childhood ambition: to get out of the house
  • fondest memory: meeting my best friend 🙂
  • favorite music: whatever sounds good. Usually classical, rock, alternative-rock. I don’t listen to rap. Record company executives took the “C” off of a certain word to make it marketable.
  • retreat: nature
  • proudest moment: two of them, getting out on my own, and becoming self-employed
  • biggest challenge: staying self-employed
  • alarm clock: I have a biological clock (and a 27-hour sleep schedule)
  • perfect day: every day I wake up
  • first job: bagger at the local Jewel-Osco
  • indulgence: sports, reading, table-top warfare gaming, computer games, being with friends
  • favorite movie: no favorite movie – there’s too many I like
  • inspiration: too many to list here

Jeremy Ashcraft

User Name: MrSpooky

  • childhood ambition: to be an astronaut, of course
  • fondest memory: my son being born
  • favorite music: metal! \m/
  • retreat: my front porch with a book
  • proudest moment: winning the pole vault at the 1999 Outdoor Big Ten Championships
  • biggest challenge: managing my time
  • alarm clock: 6:30 AM or my son, whichever comes first
  • perfect day: doing absolutely nothing
  • first job: bailing hay on a farm in rural Indiana
  • indulgence: Taco Bell
  • favorite movie: Fight Club
  • inspiration: knowing that there is someone out there that is better than me at what I do
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