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Firefox 3 Opens Tomorrow

Monday, June 16th, 2008

“Just more than 10 years ago, Mozilla threw its open-source code into the public domain. Today, its browser — Firefox — is preparing to launch its third major release in hopes of continuing to eat away at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Firefox already has more than 18 percent of the global market, according to Net Applications. With the release of Firefox 3, Mozilla could see a boost in downloads and market share. Microsoft’s next version of Internet Explorer won’t come to market until later this year.

Tomorrow, Mozilla will release Firefox 3. After more than 34 months of active development and the contributions of thousands of people, Firefox 3 will be downloadable free from the Mozilla Web site. Mozilla is promising this is the best browser — period.”

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CSS – Bordering on The Ridiculous

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I’d like to share a couple of simple tips for adding graphical borders or side shadows to your CSS layouts. This article is mainly aimed at beginners but there are some useful tips for everyone if you’ll bear with the simpler stuff first.

CSS Full Length Graphical Borders on Fluid Layout

It’s quite easy to use graphical side borders on fixed width elements as you can simply repeat an appropriate sized image down the y-axis of the container and draw both edges at the same time. However, it is often not well understood how to achieve this effect with an element that has a fluid width especially in a 100% high environment.

We will first learn how to apply an image to both sides of a normal content height (but fluid width) container and then later on explore the possibilities of using this for a 100% (viewport high) container.


Easy Vertical Centering with CSS

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

It’s always good when you learn something that you already knew isn’t it?

I know that probably doesn’t quite make sense but what I mean is that quite often you know how things work but it’s how they are applied that can make all the difference. This is the beauty with CSS where you can always be surprised at the different ways the same layout can be achieved. This happened to me the other week when I noticed a different way that a site had been centered using simple techniques already known to us all. Indeed, many of you may already have used this method but it seems to have escaped my attention until now.

The Old Way

One of the first things I learned to do in CSS was how to horizontally and vertically center a fixed width and height element. This could be an image for a splash page (god forbid) or a small centered site that some designers love to do. Originally this was accomplished with absolutely positioning an element 50% from the top and 50% from the left of the viewport. This of course only places the top left corner of the element at the center of the viewport and you then need to drag the element back into a central position with a negative margin equal to half the height and half the width of the element.

Let’s take a look at the old way of doing this and note what the problems are.


Why Validate

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

This is an old question but worthy of a mention once again especially as I seem to have spent the last few days repeatedly pointing out to posters why their page isn’t displaying properly. No matter how good a coder you are no one is perfect and the odd typo or spare character will often creep into your code when you aren’t looking.

Why Should I Validate?

I don’t know the answer “why you should validate” but I certainly know why I validate.

In a recent article on Search-This a poster commented that it was unnecessary to validate HTML and CSS and served little benefit so I thought it would be wise to explain why I always validate and why it is good for me. You can then make up your own minds whether you should validate or not.


Browser Testing Made Easy

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Quite often when developers create a website they typically design for the latest version of Firefox and IE. While in general this will cover the majority of the users, there are other browsers you should test the site in to make sure you take into consideration your other users. Unfortunately, with various operating systems and compatibility issues, it’s not always that easy. Hopefully this guide can get you started.


Web Browser Wednesday – Going to the Opera (Part 1)

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007
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Introducing Dan Schulz

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Search-This welcomes Dan Schulz to the team!

Dan is another SitePoint catch and a good one. He draws from a wide area of web expertize, but his passions run deep for CSS, XHTML, usability and standards compliant code.

One thing is for sure, with the Search-This team we have assembled, you won’t find any crappy code here.

Enjoy Dan’s bio below:

User Name: Dan Schulz

  • childhood ambition: to get out of the house
  • fondest memory: meeting my best friend 🙂
  • favorite music: whatever sounds good. Usually classical, rock, alternative-rock. I don’t listen to rap. Record company executives took the “C” off of a certain word to make it marketable.
  • retreat: nature
  • proudest moment: two of them, getting out on my own, and becoming self-employed
  • biggest challenge: staying self-employed
  • alarm clock: I have a biological clock (and a 27-hour sleep schedule)
  • perfect day: every day I wake up
  • first job: bagger at the local Jewel-Osco
  • indulgence: sports, reading, table-top warfare gaming, computer games, being with friends
  • favorite movie: no favorite movie – there’s too many I like
  • inspiration: too many to list here
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