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Introducing Louis Simpson – aka louissimps

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Search-This welcomes Louis Simpson to the team!

Often times when you belong to a forum you start stalking certain people. Every time the person you are stalking post and you notice it, you go read what they have to say because you know it’s going to be good. Well, Louie was the first person I ever stalked 🙂

So when I was putting together the Search-This team I knew that I had to get him on board, it makes it easier to stalk him that way! We’re glad to have you on the team Louie.

Enjoy Louie’s bio below:

User Name: louissimps

  • childhood ambition: marry a rich woman
  • fondest memory: going to my grandpa’s ranch
  • favorite music: a little something from every genre
  • retreat: the ocean
  • proudest moment: the path I have lead so far
  • biggest challenge: not going to college
  • alarm clock: 6:50(snooze until 7:45)
  • perfect day: coffee, surfing, lunch with my wife, afternoon nap, head to my favorite bar
  • first job: busboy at a banquet hall
  • indulgence: Belgian Ale
  • favorite movie: too many to name, Super Troopers, Napolean Dynamite, Platoon
  • inspiration: accomplishment

OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective: The Database Class

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

For those just joining, it is suggested that you begin with OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective as this is Part 3 of a series.

This time I am going to talk about the Database class, as every project now-a-days typically stores their information in a database. A good database class can save you time and memory in retrieving results. It should be able to cache previous queries, to recall them later, and it should clear out the results from memory when they are no longer needed.


OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective: The Error Class

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

For those just joining, it is suggested that you begin with OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective as this is Part 2 of a series.

With that said, I am going to outline the base classes that I referred to in the first article. To start out I will talk about the Error class, as if you do not have a good error handling setup, your application is doomed from the beginning.


OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective

Monday, January 15th, 2007

I scoured the Internet for the past few days to see how many applications are actively writing their PHP code in an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) fashion and the results are surprising. I have found that many existing applications are not taking advantage of this ability that began its’ existence in PHP 4, which then spread its’ wings like an eagle and soared in PHP 5. I have been working on converting one of my largest projects in PHP from a style that is FAR from OOP to an architecture completely based on OOP and this experience has been very helpful and challenging and primarily based on my .NET experience with OOP.


Introducing Matt Wilkin – aka cpradio

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Long time users of Search-This will no doubt know cpradio. Matt pretty much grew up on Search-This. When he was just a young lad in high school he was administering the forums and helping people with all their web related needs.

Matt’s passion has always been as a coder. Now that Matt has graduated college and become a full time software engineer there’s not many languages he hasn’t worked with.

Look for Matt’s, or rather cpradio’s first article this Monday titled: “OOP in PHP from a .NET OOP Perspective” – should be a good read.

I can’t really welcome cpradio as a new member to the team, because he has always been part of the team. So just enjoy his bio below.

User Name: cpradio

  • childhood ambition: to be a software developer, seriously, it was…
  • fondest memory: looking at my old code and just realizing what an idiot I was back then
  • favorite music: anything but elevator music, seriously, how do you not fall asleep to elevator music?
  • retreat: hiking in the smokies
  • proudest moment: three weeks of hammering an application, countless thankful users
  • biggest challenge: writing quote engines for an insurance company and making it easy to maintain
  • alarm clock: 6:30 AM on a good day, 4:30 AM on implementation day (project going to production)
  • perfect day: my wife told me it was her wedding day, err… our wedding day. 😛
  • first job: PetsMart stocker/fork-lift driver
  • indulgence: hard drives, I have 10 (in one PC) equaling 1.8 TB but that is not enough
  • favorite movie: geez, I can’t just pick one, that would be unfair to the rest of them
  • inspiration: knowing knowledge has no limits other than a person’s refusal to continue learning
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