The Beauty of Simplicity

by: Linda Tischler, published: 2006-1-1
It is innovation's biggest paradox: We demand more and more from the stuff in our lives--more features, more function, more power--and yet we also increasingly demand that it be easy to use. Marissa Mayer lives with that conundrum every day. As Google's director of consumer Web products, she's responsible for the search site's look and feel.

Has Google Taken Away Your Right to Vote?

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2005-06-07
Google has taken a hard-line stance against non-natural links and this is making life difficult for some websites.

Judgment Day – Google Strikes Back

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2003-12-2
Is Google's distaste for the SEO profession justified? And Search-This speaks about the resent Google update codenamed Florida.

Google and Themes

by: Phil Craven, published: 2003-09-8
Making sure your website has a distinct theme to it can help your position in the search engines.

Google’s PageRank Explained

by: Phil Craven, published: 2003-08-7
One of the most complete articles there is on the topic of Google’s PageRank. Phil starts with what is PageRank and moves on to explaining how it is calculated and how you can control it.
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