How to Promote Your Blog – Give A Little Bit

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The first lesson of our How to promote your blog series was titled “Know where you’re going”. In it we talked about the importance of planning and setting goals for your blog. Creating that vision before starting out on your journey creates a real destination in your mind; it gives you something to work towards and allows you to visualize what it will take to get there.

In this, our second lesson, I want to caution you about a trap that can happen to bloggers, especially as your blog becomes more and more successful. Let’s just call it stinginess.

When I started Search-This in June of 2003 it was the height of Google’s PageRank. People were crazy about PageRank and acquiring it and hording it. I was no different. I didn’t want to link out to anyone and transfer <Golem like>my precious</Golem like> to anyone else. In a word, I was stingy.


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