Technology – What’s it Good For?

Monday, March 17th, 2008

How great are the technological advancements of today?

  • I work for a company is San Francisco and live in Colorado.
  • I run a blog with people in Belgium and England.
  • We can hold conversations with people in Tokyo, Melbourne, London and San Francisco simultaneously.
  • Using RAD software we are able to write, debug and deploy software in a fraction of the time it took just a handful of years ago.

Ah, these are truly wonderful times we live in…Or are they?

According to a study by The United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO) US workers are putting in more hours than anyone else in the industrialized world. ILO statistics show that the average American worked nearly 2,000 hours in 1997 — up from 1,942 hours in 1990, the equivalent of almost two working weeks more than their counterparts in Japan.

WHAT? HOW CAN THIS BE? What about all the technology? Isn’t the whole point of technology supposed to make our lives easier?


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