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The Best Structure for your Flash Site

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2006-6-1
Many Flash developers, beginners and experts alike, have trouble properly structuring their Flash sites. This article shares principles on how to properly structure a Flash website.

It’s Not About the Website

by: Andy Rutledge, published: 2005-7-25
I believe that there is no more crucial step in a client’s project than the initial creative discovery meeting. It's quite possible that a project’s level of success can be fully decided by this one event. Andy Rutledge's article will help you make this meeting a success.

My Web Design Tips

by: Vinnie Garcia, published: 2005-5-22
A collection of web design tips learned over four years of working professionally in the field.

ASP.NET Breadcrumbs with C#

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2005-1-15
Within this article you will learn how to create breadcrumb navigation using ASP.NET and C#. Breadcrumb navigation is not only good for usability, but also for search engine optimization.

Faster Flash in 12 Steps

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2004-10-15
Here we look at some techniques that will allow you to decrease the size of your Flash movie and thus make it faster. This article is sure to help you speed up your Flash site.

Fast-Track Your Flash Site

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2004-9-17
This article shows how to modularize your Flash website to optimize performance by speeding up load times and making it easier to manage.

CSS Rollover Buttons

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2004-1-4
The Trifecta CSS rollover buttons shown in this article are perhaps the most search engine appetizing buttons known to date.

Why Flash Will Never Die

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2003-9-14
This article looks at the strengths and weaknesses of Macromedia Flash and compares it to its HTML / CSS counterpart.

Optimizing Flash for Search Engines

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2003-8-1
A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference in Boston, MA, March 4-6, 2003.

The FAQs about META Tags

by: Mark Angeletti, published: 2003-8-1
This article looks at some of the more popular questions regarding META tags.
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