By:Mark Angeletti, Published:2003-9-14

Additional Thoughts From The Author

These thoughts are replies to some of the comments that were made about the article.

Notice I didn’t address things in the article like poor load times or other annoying design flaws like splash screens, because that’s exactly what they are, poor design. The designers fault, not the technology. So the fact that Flash allows poor designers the ability to do more damage is like telling the police officer that it’s the cars fault that the engine allows me to go that fast. The responsibility falls on the designer.

Now to address some other quotes, briefly.

Comment about article>> Why even start a flame war on flash VS (x)html-CSS? each is good in its own right, but the fact that (x)html-CSS is indexable by search engines and faster loading is the reason flash can never do what HTML-CSS does (because after all “content is king” and that is really what the net is all about “Information” not “Eye candy”

I did not intend to start any type of war.

I mentioned in my article that it’s highly plausible that Flash will be indexed by search engines in the future. The age old load time issue is NOT an issue, poor designers make it an issue. Yes, content is king and will remain that way- Flash won’t hamper that.

Now I want to address the “Eye Candy” comment. Flash gets this label a lot. But as a programmer, this is such an old stereotype. Programmers often think of Flash as the anti-programming application. Real programmers would never use such a flashy childs toy. But here’s a little secret most programmers and even non-programmers don’t get. Because of Flash’s ability to more easily design without having to worry about, “absolute/relative placement, box model problems, inconsistencies across browsers, z-indexes, tables-in-tables-in-tables, sliced up graphics or screen resolutions” –- because you no longer have to worry about these things you can do what’s really important and that is program. With less time on design you are more free to program. And Flash is accepting of many different programming languages, such as, PHP, ASP, XML, coldfusion and much more.

Let me say that I in no way am implying that Flash will eventually do away with HTML and CSS. I don’t believe that it will, nor do I want it to. What I do believe is that Flash is a viable alternative and is a good tool to have in your tool shed of web development.

The other point that I hoped was made in the article is that while many people are currently discovering the power of CSS design layout and like the freedoms that is allows, it is nothing compared to the design freedom that Flash allows.

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