By:Mark Angeletti, Published:2004-4-21

Here’s the Fix!

At this point hopefully it’s become clear that you need to find a way to have multiple pages with each page concentrated on a specific topic. This of course is true regardless of Flash. But how can one do that with an all Flash website? That indeed is the real question; let’s look at our options.

The most obvious solution is to create an additional version of your website done in HTML. The problem with this solution is oftentimes a company’s budget may not include the development of 2 websites. In addition, you now have 2 websites to maintain.

Another solution to explore is to place your content within plain HTML pages marked up appropriately but with no design at all, just text. This way you don’t spend time and money on design and development consists of simply copying and pasting text. Yes, but we don’t want our viewers to see this boring white page with content on it when we have a jazzy Flash site to offer them.

Hold on to your pants, I’m going to say 2 words that make some SEO’s cringe, “Auto-Redirecting!” Auto-redirecting is the process of sending viewers to different pages, based off of a characteristic, such as browser type, language settings, IP address, or perhaps they don’t have a plug-in installed so you redirect them to another page. All these things sound reasonable so why does auto-redirecting make SEOs cringe? The reason is because auto-redirecting in the past has been used by some to abuse the search engines by serving them beefed up pages, while serving viewers different pages.

However, in our example, which is a website done in 100% Flash – making it impossible for the search engines to do an adequate job indexing the content it makes perfect sense to implement auto-redirecting. If it’s a spider visiting one of the HTML pages you just let it do its thing, however, if it’s not a spider then you redirect to the Flash page.

You are in no way misrepresenting your page as something it’s not. You are simply allowing the spider to do something it couldn’t otherwise do on its own and that is have an understanding of what the web page is about.

It should be said, that while I am confident that Google and other search engines would not treat this as spamming I cannot speak with certainty.


This article has pointed out the real reason why an all Flash website has a difficult time placing well within the results of a search – not just because the spiders still don’t do an adequate job indexing a Flash file, but because any website, Flash or no Flash, that consist of but a single page will struggle to place well. Because of this you must find ways to ensure your website consists of multiple pages. Then you can implement standard optimization procedures (SOP).

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