WordPress Blogging 101

This is where bloggers spend their time in WordPress – it’s where you write each post. Let’s look at the screenshot below (click the screenshot to enlarge it).

  1. Once logged in click the Write tab. Next make sure the Write Post sub tab is selected.
  2. Give your post a title. Put some thought into it.
  3. This is the section where you’ll write your post. When you insert code use square brackets and the language.
  4. Select a category for your post i.e. JavaScript.
  5. You can include tags for your post.
  6. This is where you upload and add images to your post.
  7. As you are writing your post, from time-to-time hit Save and continue Editing to save your post.
  8. You will never have to Publish your post because I will do it for you, but that’s the button to do it.
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